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Five topics to shout about at Christmas

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It’s Christmas and I’ve had a bad year. You don’t like football, you take RER B every day, you catch Covid three times while your cheating wife, nothing. In short, you really want to scream at yourself, to stretch the glottis. Plus, there’ll be the cousin with her insulting holes and vulgar looks, the uncle with his rough hands and his racist ideas, your daughter’s boyfriend who pretends merchant And he likes to show you things on his computer, in short, all these stereotypical personalities that the media brings out every year to try, slowly, to give a little impetus to their papers, yes, this is no exception and that annoys you even more.

Don’t panic, we have something to stir fry with. Here are articles that can help you prepare for the worst, to read at the station while you wait to see if your train is being serviced despite the strike.

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1. Wokism

It was already the winner for 2021, but it’s coming back for a second season because it has proven itself, with its waves and variants (and it’s been entered into the dictionary).

Our dictionary Wake up French “This singer calls himself an Awake, but he’s not really from SJW; he’s an incoherent, incoherent individual who has left his mark on cultural appropriation.” If you haven’t understood this sentence, this glossary is for you.

What is happening in American universities? American universities are easily portrayed as places of postcolonialism, feminism, and minority movements. However, the French academics who teach there describe a more mixed scene. reconnaissance.

Where did the word wake up come from? The command to stay “awake” permeates the culture and psyche of the black community in the United States. From Anti-Slavery Painting on the Bible, to Erykah Badu, via Marcus Garvey, a look back at the origin of the term.

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Is identity a new dictatorship? In a polemical essay, Laurent Dubroyle recounts the growing influence of identity claims in the United States. And worry about it because “To place an individual in an unalterable place is to consolidate the dominance that one claims to fight.”.

“Race and the Social Sciences”: An Investigation into the Controversy Ripping the University When the French Minister of Higher Education requested an investigation into the “Islamic left” in faculties, OPS drew on the controversy surrounding notions of race, gender and intersectionality.

what) “get up” You are ? Take our quiz to see if your attitude towards discrimination and inequality is likely to make you hard at cocktail hour, rate…

Sample topics: Should Adrien Quatennens return to the association? Is blue hair the end of civilization? How can the fact that men have a lower life expectancy than women be reconciled with the idea that they will be dominant in the patriarchy?

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2. Physiotherapy

Your aunt swears by alternative medicine, detox treatments, the fasts she does every summer in the Basque Country, and above all… her naturopathy. At the time of bringing the cheese platter, and after the first shot at the morsels, your cousin dares to utter the name Irene Grosjean…

The excesses of naturopaths: from detoxes to intoxicants More and more French people are turning away from traditional medicine in favor of alternative practices. This universe, which is sparsely organized, harbors a large number of false healers who can be dangerous.

Pseudo-syndrome, delays in diagnosis… Pediatric Orthopedic Excesses Helpful, Useless, or Dangerous? Orthopedic treatment in infants is of concern to part of the medical profession. An investigation into the emergence of an obscure and poorly controlled regime, which thrives on the misery of French patronage.

Erin Grosjean, investigate the methods of a naturopathic superstar. At 92, Mayor of Naturopaths, an adherent of raw food mixed with New Age spirituality, is the embodiment of environmentalism’s worst excesses. Elders’ relatives “The patients”Some of them have died listing his methods. And I managed to stick it out.

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Sample topics: Does traditional medicine have blinders? Is nature always right? Sugar granules medicine? Can you beat cancer with juices and mindful meditation? Is Covid a precious divine punishment for the industrial excesses of our civilization?

3. Onfrey-Houellebecq-Zemmour

According to the classical interpretation of the Bible, the knights of the Apocalypse are four, but since France is in decline, she is content with having three. This year, like every year, we’re still talking about Eric and Michaels.

Dialogue Houellebecq-Onfray: The Great Relaxation The latest issue of Front Populaire, published on Tuesday 29 November, begins with a long dialogue between Michel Onfray and Michel Houellebecq entitled “West End?”. “The Obs” read it to you.

“Anéantir,” Houellebecq’s most politicized, most Catholic, and most failed novel “Anéantir,” published at the beginning of the year, the writer imagines the 2027 presidential campaign and wonders about the end of life while announcing the death of the West.

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According to our statistics, Zemmour and Onfray agreed on 92.7% of people, and we watched three debates between the reactionary columnist and the liberal philosopher. Both mourned the decline of our civilization, the loss of our sovereignty, and the Machiavellianism of Pope Francis. Do not agree on Voltaire and refrigerators.

Is Houellebecq on the far right? Five Traveling Companions Analyze His Political Evolution While the author of Submission was collecting his “interventions” in journalism, we asked five writers and journalists, from Frédéric Bejbeder to Aurelien Belanger to Nelly Caprielán, to talk to us about his relationship with politics.

On the mind of Eric Zemmour: deciphering a murderous ideology His idols are the far-right theorists who emerged at the end of the nineteenth centurye Century: Barrès, Maurras, Bainville… Despite the lessons of history, the polemicist revived ultra-nationalism, xenophobia and even anti-Semitism. With the declaration of the inferiority of women.

Sample topics: When did Michel Onfray start spinning before or after writing his book on Freud? Is Houellebecq a prophet or a beloved who finds it difficult? To say he has a soft ligament does it fall into the masculine fantasy held by Eric Zemmour? Was the Reconquest filter just an information bubble?

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4. Transient movement

Surprise: Your cousin sent an SMS to all the guests at the birthday meal. “I now want to be called Evan. Please respect my gender identity.” No one dared to answer it, but on the family WhatsApp channels, everyone has questions.

Explain the shifter to your parents. The trans movement calls into question established evidence in our societies, including the idea that the world is divided between men and women. explanations.

How Covid Put Us in the Trans In “Dysphoria Mundi,” Paul B. Preciado describes the effects of the pandemic on our existence. For the Spanish philosopher we are all becoming political bodies and beginning to move towards a future that is not necessarily dark.

“I wanted to be King Fergus” : In France, the complicated journey of transgender children, Robin, at 14 years old born as a girl, has always felt like a boy. Born 7-year-old Lily, she confirms that she is a girl. Like them, more and more minors in France say they were born the wrong way.

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“Sexual dissenters are the only ones who have seen the world from both sides of the gender boundary.” Trans people experience an evolution in their social status: trans men experience, in a sense, an upward trend while trans women undergo a downgrade. This is one of the lessons of the first book by sociologist Emmanuel Boupatti.

“We condemn Wikipedia’s treatment of transgender, non-binary, and intersex people” A column signed by forty personalities, including Jul Maroh, Paul B. Preciado, Virginie Despentes, Céline Sciamma, Rokhaya Diallo and the National Transgender Association, condemning stigmatizing behavior against transgender and non-binary people, is published on the online encyclopedia.

Trans, Gay, and Feminist: Another Possible Psychoanalysis After feminists and homosexuals, psychoanalysis is now attacking transgender people. A group of philosophers and psychoanalysts deplored this drift and remembered it The unconscious does not consist of general laws, but of individual threads..

Sample topics: Are transnational funds not men who want to take advantage of the token benefits now granted to women? Do you have to have a vulva from birth to claim to be a feminist? Can a director make a movie about a passing story without being transformed himself? Basically, what is trans? Shouldn’t we follow the advice of Dionysius the Areopagite and “ascend in silence” because any category expressed is violence and reality is transitory? Should we ask about pronouns?

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5. Sandrine Rousseau

You’ve lost Congress, but not the war. Let’s bet Sandrine Russo will find a way to brighten up our year-end talks. Christmas dinner—with or without meat—is perhaps an occasion to test the law that now bears his name: any conversation lasting more than fifteen minutes tends toward a 100% probability that his name will be mentioned.

Sandrine Rousseau, always blinking, all her interventions, on feminism, on the roast or on the bayou affair, stir emotions. To her opponents, member Paris is the face of a radical and excluded environment. To her supporters, a pioneer who truly shook society. Avant-garde or provocative? Investigate a political phenomenon.

“We need reinforcement like we see in times of war” Emmanuel Macron? “A complete scam. » ministers? They live in a parallel world. » The ecofeminist deputy who posits purpose “Social and environmental utopia”He revealed his vision of things in a candid interview with Obs.

What is environmental feminism? Could there be a link between sexism and global warming? We show you where Sandrine Rousseau’s current of thought comes from.

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Androcene the right to laziness .. Do you speak Sandrine Rousseau? The green MP is often at the root of topics that fuel public debate. A small dictionary of highly political vocabulary.

But why did we torture and burn witches? For ecological philosophers and feminists, who rehabilitate witches, this persecution was a major step in the emergence of capitalism. explanations.

What would you say to your sister-in-law who will say at Christmas that we are going through hard times ‘A serious crisis of manhood’ ? Francis Dupuy-Dery, professor of political science, deconstructs “a stubborn legend” Who wants to make men wrong.

Sample topics: Rousseau or Bayeux? Rousseau or Russell? Red Meat: Should You Eat It, Yes or Less (Tip: Say that from now on, you’ll be eating “good” meat)? Is the rotten weather we don’t currently have a sign that we’re doing much about the climate? Does Sandrine Rousseau have a good sense of humor? Is humor dominating? Is Sandrine Rousseau a media creature? Can you be an environmental feminist and go to Greece every summer? Aren’t feminists going to twist the story of the witch hunt?

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