Home News Because of the war in Ukraine, the country’s grain yield will decrease by 40% in 2022

Because of the war in Ukraine, the country’s grain yield will decrease by 40% in 2022

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The grain yield in Ukraine, one of the world’s leading producers, will decrease by about 40% this year compared to 2021 due to the Russian invasion, according to estimates from the National Grain Association, which announced near the end of the harvest season.

After harvesting 106 million tons in 2021, a historic record, “This year, the harvest is expected to be 64-65 million tons.”This was explained Friday, December 23, to Agence France-Presse, the director of this association, Sergoyk Ivshchenko.

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The main reason is the war.He explained that this led to a shrinking of the cultivated area and a decrease in the yield.

The area of ​​cultivated fields has shrunk by about a quarter.

The Russian invasion broke out at the end of February in eastern, southern and northern Ukraine, and the Russian invasion turned the agricultural industry in this country upside down at a time when it, famous for its very fertile black soil, was the world’s fourth largest exporter of corn and above. The way to become the third source of wheat.

The military offensive initially caused fuel shortages “obstructing the seeding campaign”, stressed Sergey Ivashchenko. He added that the blockade imposed by the Russian army on Ukrainian seaports has also prevented the export of grain for months, and its revenues are used to finance the sowing campaign.

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“Occupation of part of the regions, clashes in the fields, and destruction of infrastructure.” reduce by“about a quarter” The official said that the total area of ​​fields cultivated by grain producers compared to the previous year.

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Normally, we farm nearly 25 million hectares. This year, we were able to harvest 18 to 19 million hectares. Only, he said, also pointing ” drop “ crop, because many farmers can no longer use fertilizers.

580 ships managed to leave Ukraine for the export of grain

The Ministry of Agricultural Policy noted on Friday that Ukraine has so far harvested 46.6 million tons of grain in 90% of the working fields. However, Sergey Ivashchenko noted that 30% of the corn still needs to be harvested.

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The exportations of céréales and d’autres produits agricoles à partir des ports ukrainiens ont pu reprendre en août, après la signature d’un accord humanitaire international signé sous l’egide des etats-unis et de la turquie qui a failure échouer à l’ Fall.

The Ministry of Agricultural Policy stated that a total of 580 ships carrying 15 million tons of grain left Ukrainian ports bound for Asian, African and European countries.

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