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Macron condemns the “abhorrent attack” on the “Kurds of France”

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Emmanuel Macron denounced A “heinous attack” Of which France’s Kurds were the target On Friday, December 23rd, after a man killed three people and injured three others in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

Paris shooting: At least three dead, man arrested for known attempted murder

“Thoughts of the victims, people struggling to survive, their families and loved ones. Recognition of our law enforcement for their courage and composure”The head of state added in a tweet.

sequel after announcement

Three dead and a person fights death

Three people were killed and three others wounded in central Paris when a French man was wanted, according to Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin. “It obviously preys on aliens.” And they were going to act on their own. The 69-year-old with known past gun violence was arrested shortly after the incident and taken into police custody.

The incidents took place on Dingin Street, in the tenth district of the capital, at the level of a Kurdish cultural center, in a vibrant shopping area that the Kurdish community is famous for.

‘You don’t protect us, we’re killed’: Kurdish demonstration degenerates after Paris shootings

“Three died: two in front of the Kurdish Cultural Center, another in a restaurant, and the last, a death struggle.”Gerald Darmanin details during an on-site press conference this afternoon. Two people sustained less serious injuries and the alleged shooter sustained minor injuries during his arrest.

An open investigation

The Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation into murder, attempted murder, intentional violence with weapons and violations of legislation relating to weapons. The investigations were entrusted to the judicial police.

What we know about the suspect in the Rue Dinghein shooting in Paris, already known as attempted murder

The National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (Banat) went to the scene, but there is no one “No element favors the need for their referral”At the moment, a course of attack has been excluded, said the Prosecutor of the Paris Republic, Laure Pékouaou.

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