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In the United States, an arctic hailstorm causes severe disruption just before Christmas

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Thousands of flights delayed or canceled as Christmas approaches, freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall: the first effects of a storm like no other “Only once in a generation.” It was felt on Thursday, December 22nd in most parts of the United States.

Extremely dangerous conditions to move around, authorities warn. But millions of Americans have to flood the roads and airports this holiday season.

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Please take this storm seriously.President Joe Biden urged. “I encourage everyone (…) to heed the warnings at the local level”he added. “She was serious.”

Impressively low temperatures

Several states have declared states of emergency, including New York, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Georgia and North Carolina. Americans will tremble as far as Texas, in the south.

Snow has already covered the roads all over the country and the media has reported many accidents. I-90, a major highway that crosses the northern United States, has been closed in South Dakota, after authorities warned it would not reopen until Friday.

“Several minor roads are currently listed as ‘impassable road’ (…) Traveling on the road section is physically impossible due to the depth of snow and the prevalence of snow drifts”The South Dakota Department of Transportation said on its website Thursday.

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‘Bomb hurricane’: Will Americans experience the coldest Christmas in 40 years?

The National Weather Service (NWS), the National Weather Service, has warned that it has observed a significant drop in temperatures. “In an hour or less.”.

Wyoming law enforcement released live footage of the blizzard, taken Wednesday from inside the car of one of their officers. Outside, it is impossible to see anything: “zero vision”they explain.

Millions of Americans on Earth?

More than 5,500 flights have been canceled as of Thursday and 24,000 flights have been delayed, according to flight-tracking website FlightAware. Chicago and Denver airports were particularly affected. But starting Thursday, millions of Americans are expected to arrive at airports across the country, as the holiday season approaches this year busier Only in 2021, with a comeback At pre-pandemic levelsAccording to the Transportation Security Agency (TSA).

The roads also promise to be crowded, with 102 million Americans having to drive to where they’re going to vacation, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

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In total, about 112 million people must travel at least 80 kilometers between December 23 and January 2, according to this organisation, the third highest level since that number began in 2000.

“once in a generation”

According to the authorities, the snow and wind will cause blizzards in some places, which will cause any movement to occur “Sometimes dangerous or impossible”.

Canada was preparing for this, too Abnormally low temperatures for this seasonHeavy snowfall and a chance of freezing rain in some areas.

Quebecers, for example, have been encouraged by the authorities to Prepare emergency plans and carry emergency bags containing drinking water, food, medicine, first aid kit and a flashlight.. The country’s main airport, in Toronto, has been causing flight delays and cancellations.

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The ice front in the United States should strengthen by Friday and continue through the Christmas weekend. Its strength caused the NWS in Buffalo, New York, to say it was “With a once-in-a-generation storm”. AccuWeather, a private weather site, has warned of the possibility of the formation of a “whirlwind bomb”formed by the meeting of polar air with a mass of warmer air, causing a very rapid drop in pressure.

The Midwest and Great Lakes region will be particularly affected this weekend, with snow storms. The temperature in the Great Plains region is expected to reach -55 degrees Celsius.

A cold of this magnitude can cause frostbite on exposed skin within minutes, as well as hypothermia and death if exposure continues for a long time.NWS alerted. Storms can also blow at speeds of up to 80 km/h, which can cause downed trees and power outages.

The cold prompted some people to initiate Boiling water challengeor the boiling water challenge: they post videos in which they throw very hot water into the air to see it crystallize instantly.

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