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Finapole: liquidate part of its assets, have you ever thought about it?

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An independent French group specializing in loan intermediation and borrower insurance, Finapole has launched a premium service to meet the growing demands of high net worth clients. An update with its Managing Director, Cedric Descamps and Gaël Bordelais, Head of the Premium Division.

Can you introduce FINAPOLE to us?

Cédric Descamps: Surrounded by a team of women and men for more than 20 years on the topics of financial consolidation, cash loans and borrower insurance, our influence is national and our clients are individuals, not professionals. To give you an idea, since 2018 we’ve supported nearly 7,600 clients for over 465 million financing amounts. Gaël Bordelais: Our mission is to help our clients implement their projects, advising them in order to provide them with the appropriate financing solution for their needs. We also offer our expertise in traditional solutions known for advice on preparing for the future.

Can you provide your distinctive service and what is its quality?

Gaël Bordelais: The mission of this division is to provide tailor-made solutions to clients wishing to build or enhance their assets. We adapt as they are available, evenings and weekends, to meet new needs, such as financing work on rental stock, financing inheritance rights or even children’s studies. Cédric Descamps: In addition, we noticed that these new clients no longer necessarily find themselves with the banks and that they sought to find a real human relationship to carry out their project. Thus, we have envisioned a premium service for those clients who do not necessarily have the time to dedicate to it.

What is your position in the market?

Cédric Descamps: We are committed to establishing a lasting relationship with our clients, choosing a 360-degree approach to the situation with one goal: to achieve success. We make ourselves available and support our clients over time, from project financing through to completion, while providing them with our expertise in savings, insurance, asset transfer and tax implications.

What are your next areas of development?

Gaël Bordelais: We want to enhance the proximity to our customers by developing new digital tools and new financing solutions. This is particularly the case with a home equity cash loan, which allows customers to liquidate their assets. Cédric Descamps: Today, our strategy is to become a complete digital player with a 360-degree view of the need expressed, while maintaining a very human approach in the relationship with our customers. As the banking world closes more and more and the brokerage world opens up, it is up to us to fill that void that occurs and become a benchmark in every area of ​​expertise.

Practical information:

• www.solutis.fr

• [email protected]

• https://www.linkedin.com/in/c%C3%A9dric-descamps-914742b0/

• [email protected]

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