Home News “Boiling Water Challenge”, the blockbuster challenge of the historic North American Blizzard

“Boiling Water Challenge”, the blockbuster challenge of the historic North American Blizzard

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Historic winter storm with heavy snowfall and arctic temperatures batters North America as Christmas approaches. The opportunity for some in the United States and Canada to embark on Boiling water challengewhere Boiling water challenge Which consists in experiencing the fact that boiling water instantly freezes on contact with icy air.

For somewhat nebulous reasons, hot water will actually freeze faster than cold water under similar cooling conditions. This phenomenon is called the Mpemba effect, after the Tanzanian physicist Erasto Mpemba, who observed and reported it for the first time in modern history.

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Discover while making ice cream

This strange state has already been identified since ancient times by many authors, but it has been in the shadows for a long time. Until 1963 when Erasto Mpemba, then a teenager, made his discovery while making ice cream.

If the reasons for this discrepancy are still subject to scientific debate, the conditions are in any case met these days in North America to try to observe them: -53°C in western Canada, -38°C in Minnesota, but also, further south, where temperatures are usually Milder at this time of year, -13°C in Dallas or -8°C in Houston.

A cold of this magnitude can cause frostbite on exposed skin within minutes, as well as hypothermia and death if exposure continues for a long time., alerted the US National Weather Service. This makes no move “Sometimes dangerous or impossible”.

This kind of storm does not happen “Only once in a generation.”According to the US National Weather Service in Buffalo.

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