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Vladimir Putin wants to end the war in Ukraine “as soon as possible”

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Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed on Thursday, December 22, that the Russian military will find A “antitoxin” To circumvent the Patriot air defense system that the United States will supply to bomb-ridden Ukraine.

The crazy history of the Russian Empire

Regarding the Patriot, it’s a fairly old system. It just doesn’t work like our S-300. But our opponents assume it is a defensive weapon. Well, we’ll keep that in mind. There is always an antidoteVladimir Putin said during a press conference. He added that the delivery of the Patriot was “in vain”. It is only a way to prolong the conflict. »

sequel after announcement

The end of the war? “Older will be better”

“Our goal is not to spin the conflict like a flywheel, but on the contrary, to end this war, and we aspire to that.”said the Russian president. We will work to make sure this ends. And the sooner the better, of course. “.

The War in Ukraine: What to Remember from Volodymyr Zelensky’s Visit to the United States

All armed conflicts end, one way or another, in talks […] More of our opponents [à Kiev, NDLR] You will understand this quickly, the better.”is completed.

New attacks on the West

Vladimir Putin again defended launching the offensive in Ukraine, at the end of February, and said he did not have it“another option” with a purpose “defend the people” Who feels “Members of our people, of our culture”. “The roots between the peoples of Russia and Ukraine are stronger than those who try to divide us”he knocked it again.

Where is the war in Ukraine as Christmas approaches?

He accused Russia’s enemies, led by the United States, of owning it ” always “ Try splitting “Russian world”which, according to the Kremlin, includes the entire Russian-speaking population. Our potential enemies, our opponents, have always dreamed of this and have always done so, they have tried to divide us and rule us into separate parts.did he say.

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