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For Emmanuel Macron, striking SNCF observers ‘ruin the holidays of the French’

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Emmanuel Macron is annoyed by the SNCF observers’ blow and says so. “It is not possible for a few hundred people to lock down the country and spoil the celebrations of the French after two years of Covid”Thursday, December 22, the President of the Republic criticized the Council of Ministers, according to information from Franceinfo.

“I sent all the gifts to Strasbourg”: These users who had to cancel Christmas because of the SNCF strikes

Over the Christmas weekend, 2 out of 5 trains were canceled. Damage to SNCF is estimated at “One hundred million euros” According to the CEO of the group, Jean-Pierre Varandeau, who called on Thursday to Responsibility of TGV Board Captains So they don’t keep the New Year’s weekend strike action.

sequel after announcement

For his part, Emmanuel Macron called on the government to consider ways to maintain the continuity of public service, according to France Info. “The government should not be a watchdog of social conflicts and should continue to mobilize”as the president said.

Calls from Olivier Ferrand and Bruno Le Maire

Request respect letter. Until Thursday morning, the Minister of Economy demanded a solution “In the next few hours.”. “What we expect from the SNCF administration today is that it finds a solution in the next few hours, I mean in the next few hours. This is the responsibility of the SNCF administration, it has the support of the state, and it must find ways and means to get out of this conflict.”Bruno Le Maire said on Radio Sud.

SNCF Strike: After Christmas, New Year’s holidays threatened

The government spokesman responded to him when he left the cabinet. Olivier Ferrand asked SNCF agents “Those who announced that they wanted to strike” End of this week “To give up” And the “to hear the legitimate request of the French to be able to find their families in good conditions”.

“The entire government is fully mobilized”He added when leaving the cabinet a reminder “Significant salary increases have already been announced.”.

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