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Where is the Russian invasion ten months after the start of the conflict

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Ten months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and with the year 2022 drawing to a close, the Russian offensive is still a long way from a cease-fire. Since the Ukrainian counterattack, which allowed Kyiv forces to retake certain areas, Russia has increased drone attacks targeting key infrastructure. Particularly difficult attacks on Ukraine, with the onset of winter.

• In the annexed areas, the situation is “difficult” for the Russians

After a series of Russian military setbacks in northeastern and southern Ukraine, most of the fighting is currently concentrated in the country’s east. The most important point on the front: the city of Bakhmut, where Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited on Tuesday, December 20. Forces from Moscow have been trying since the summer to take this city of 70,000 inhabitants before the Russian invasion, in particular with the help of mercenaries from the Wagner paramilitary group. Since then it has been the site of heavy losses on both sides, who are engaged in intense trench warfare.

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In the four regions of southern and eastern Ukraine that Vladimir Putin annexed in September – without completely occupying – the Russian president admitted that this was the case. “Extremely difficult.”

The situation in eastern Ukraine until November 20, 2022 (AFP)

Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions were annexed, partly in Russian hands, after local “referendums” objected to by the international community. But the Russian military has since struggled to keep them under control, and suffered a major setback after Ukraine recaptured the regional capital, Kherson.

This rebound was part of a weeks-long Ukrainian counteroffensive, which allowed Kyiv’s soldiers to recapture some territory captured by Russian forces.

• Drone attacks and the Cold War

Since this counterattack, Russia has carried out a massive bombing campaign in Ukraine, targeting key infrastructure, using drones and missiles. The goal: to damage water and electricity supplies – and thus heating – as winter sets in in the country with temperatures that can drop below 20 degrees Celsius.

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For its part, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that these strikes target military and energy facilities in Ukraine and disable them Transportation of weapons and ammunition of foreign production..

In Ukraine, the Cold War is raging

Several cities were hit by widespread bombardment on Friday that included more than 70 rockets and forced emergency cuts to repair the damaged power grid. Then on Sunday power was restored to nine million people. But the next day, the capital, Kyiv, was under a new attack, which led to power outages in the city and in 10 districts.

40% of Ukraine’s power generation capacity was destroyed, and despite ongoing repairs, Ukraine’s energy system was only able to cover 70% of demand during peak consumption on November 28, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. For its part, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) was alarmed by this fact Almost all children are in Ukraine, almost 7 million children. Thus, they are deprived of stable access to electricity, heating and hot water.

According to Ukraine and its backers, many of these drones were supplied by Iran, which were sent by Russia. If the state admits in November that it made these deliveries, it guarantees that they occurred before the offensive began. For his part, the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, confirmed that Moscow had received “new batch” 250 drones from Iran.

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• The hypothesis of the military operation across Belarus

This is a concern fueled by Vladimir Putin’s recent visit to Belarus. The authorities fear a new Russian attack on Kyiv at the beginning of 2023, which will start this time from the Belarusian lands, with a scenario similar to the start of the invasion last February. On Tuesday, Ukrainian General Sergei Nayev claimed to see A “increasing threat level” to a possible Russian attack from Belarus.

Minsk’s forces are not directly involved in the war, but Kyiv says the Russian military is using Belarusian territory to bomb neighboring Ukraine.

Belarus is one of Russia’s few allies in the war. Vladimir Putin went there on Monday 19 December for talks with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. If he emphasized that there was no intention to assimilate this country, the Russian leader nevertheless called for a military strengthening of ties between their two countries.

Megalomaniac, cruel and paranoid: Lukashenko, Europe’s last dictator

He announced an agreement reached with his counterpart stipulating Common measures to ensure safety both countries, “exchange arms handing over”as well as the common manufacture of weapons.

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To add to the concern, the Russian military said on Monday that it would take part in the exercises “tactics” In Belarus, after the announcement in October of the formation of a combined force of several thousand men.

• Ukraine is asking the West for more weapons

Ten months after the outbreak of war, international aid is still pouring into Ukraine.
One billion euros was also raised to help the Ukrainian population get through what promises to be a very harsh winter, during the International Conference in Support of the Country organized in Paris last week, which brought together 70 delegations from countries or organizations.

Foreign Minister Catherine said that 415 million will be allocated to the energy sector, 25 million to the water sector, 38 million to food, 17 million to health, 22 to transport, and the rest, approximately 483 million euros, has not yet been ventilated. Colonna.

“I want to show what Ukraine is going through”: The Art of Resistance in Odessa

The Ukrainian president continues to ask for more weapons. In a video conference in front of the G7 on December 12, he mentioned that Ukraine needs modern tanks. would like “Artillery, rifles and missiles”Beside Long range missiles. The head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kuleba, made a special request “More air and missile defense systems, ammunition and armored vehicles that are primarily tracked” And he mentioned ‘A very important need’ in a “extra weapons” 155 mm caliber.

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