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The Moroccan team was greeted victoriously in Rabat

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Tens of thousands of Moroccans received as heroes, on Tuesday evening, December 20, the Atlas Lions upon their return to Rabat after a wonderful epic that led them to the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar, an unprecedented achievement for an African or Arab team. .

In this Parisian tape, the boycott of the fans could not resist the semi-finalists France-Morocco

A thick, cheery crowd of all ages and backgrounds gathered at the end of the afternoon along the route of the red double-decker bus where Walid Regragui’s men sat, from the airport to the roads from the center of the Moroccan capital.

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“I came to celebrate Morocco’s beautiful history in the World Cup, even if some of the referees’ decisions were unfair.”said Adam Najah, 27, a waiter at a restaurant who came expressly from Meknes, more than 150 kilometers from Rabat, to “Live this historic day”.

“I am proud of the national team. Who knows? Maybe we will win the cup next time.”

“Make Moroccans, Arabs and Africans proud”

Waiting hours, many fans donned the green star-strewn flag and the scarlet shirts of the Sharifian kingdom. In front of the station, they dismantled smoke bombs and set off fireworks, amidst shouts in response to the greetings of the new stars and regaki, according to AFP journalists.

France vs Morocco should be much more than a soccer match!

We sang and danced. Many immortalized the moment with their smartphones.
“I came to see them. I cannot describe my joy! They made us proud, Moroccans, Arabs and Africans.”exclaims Abdel-Jabbar Borouh, 54, as he runs so as not to miss the passing Mohammed V bus avenue, Rabat’s “Champs-Elysées.”

“I wish I could take them in my arms and kiss them. They passed so fast but we saw them. I haven’t been this happy in a long time.”Laila Maysour, 19, a law student, came with her friends.

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The players stand with their mothers

The whole team, who made the whole of Morocco dream and beyond its borders, received him in the evening at the Royal Palace Mohammed VI. “In recognition of his historic achievement”.

His Majesty, accompanied by Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, took up the tradition of the president of the Moroccan Federation, the coach and the players who accompanied their mothers, according to MAP.

The Moroccan national football team players stand with their mothers and King Mohammed VI on December 20, 2022, upon their return from Qatar. (AFP/MAP National Press Agency)

“His Majesty the King’s reception of the players, accompanied by their mothers, is a tribute to those Moroccan women who were keen to instill the values ​​of patriotism, sacrifice and national belonging in their children.”He confirmed the MAP. The King is the origin of the famous football academy that became the nursery ground for Moroccan football.

With impressive grassroots fervor, the Atlas Lions broke a glass ceiling by reaching the last four World Cup matches, for the first time for an African or Arab team. They took 4e He won first place in the 2022 World Cup without suffering the slightest loss in the group stage, then eliminated two candidates in the round of 16 and in the quarter-finals, Spain and Portugal, before losing to France (2-0), then Croatia in the match in favor of. Third place (2-1).

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