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Cyoti warns Borne that Republicans will not support reform ‘at any cost’

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LR President Eric Ciotti warned Elizabeth Born on Wednesday, December 21, that his party would not support pension reform. “whatever the price”excluding effect “cruel” Retirement age up to 65 years and call for measures for small pensions and for women.

“I asked the prime minister about the terms of this reform so that it can see the light.”LR president told the press after meeting for nearly an hour in Matignon with Elisabeth Bourne devoted to pension reform.

sequel after announcement

“Today, the ‘pay-as-you-go’ pension system is under threat due to demographic trends. Reform is needed.”He emphasized, recalling that the LR group has ” the key “ The National Assembly where the presidential majority needs its support to pass the text.

Eric Ciotti, new president of LR: What’s changing for the right?

“We measure that going to 65 straight away is probably quite brutal compared to the situation the French are going through.”Recalling this, Alpes Maritimes deputy explained “Many French people are suffering from inflation, which is weighing on their purchasing power today.”.

fix yeah, [mais] Let’s discuss the pace and timing of this reform.”said the head of LR, put the condition that the situation “Young Pensioners” taken into account, especially women who “They didn’t contribute their whole lives.”.

The right remains divided on the bill

Eric Ciotti and Elizabeth Bourne “Approved” For the meeting at the beginning of the year, a meeting that will allow the right to ‘See how the government will listen’ LR proposals, What are the conditions for our voting?pointed out.

sequel after announcement

Between the need to maintain credibility on this main topic of the right and the opposition to Emmanuel Macron, the right is under pressure and is looking for a common line while the government must present its draft on January 10.

Pension reform: why Macron wants to impose it

LR senators leader Bruno Ritaio, the failed LR presidential candidate, warned on Tuesday that his party would sink In the Sands of Denial If he does not vote to postpone the statutory retirement age. For his part, the leader of the deputies, Olivier Marlix, confirmed that he “I will not support” Reform if it includes postponing the legal retirement age to 65, a “red rag”And the “too rough”.

In the Senate, the right-wing majority, as every year at the beginning of November, adopted a text providing for raising the legal age to 64 years of the generation of 1967.

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