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The government wants a residence permit for health professionals

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The government wants to create a new residence permit for health professionals, in particular to attract foreign doctors and “Meeting the need for employment” In this sector that is in difficulty, we can read in the immigration bill referenced on Tuesday December 20th by Agence France-Presse.

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The new multi-year residence permit called “Medical and Pharmaceutical Professions” belongs to doctors “whatever they specialize in”midwives, dental surgeons and pharmacists, the text sent Monday to the State Council.

sequel after announcement

This law, which must be submitted to the Cabinet in January before it is considered in the Senate and then in the National Assembly at the beginning of 2023, was the subject of comprehensive consultations at the end of the year, as well as a heated debate without a vote in Parliament.

Continuation of residence permits for “aggravating professions”

As the government has indicated for several months, it is giving priority to measures aimed at encouraging the expulsion of foreign criminals, in particular through reform “structural” Asylum, and contains many articles aimed at making the integration of foreigners more effective.

Following the ‘stress jobs’ residence permit already announced by the government in response to sectors experiencing a shortage of labour, this new card complements the ‘integration’ section of the bill targeting “immigration control” And the “enhanced integration”carried by Interior Ministers Gerald Darmanin and Labor Minister Olivier Dusopt.

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According to Article 7 of the text, this card is for health professionals and their families “Once they are recruited by a non-profit public or private health institution”.

sequel after announcement

Knowledge check

“This title is intended to meet the need to appoint qualified health personnel in health institutions or medical and social institutions.”in particular because these foreign practitioners cannot always be recruited at the present time “The lack of a residence permit fully meets the specificity of these cases”justifies the executive power.

This card It will improve the clarity and attractiveness of the right of residence for these eligible groups, taking into account the challenges of verifying the ability of foreign professionals to practice in the hospital sector.can we read.

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Thus the text plans to require the title to be issued with a license from the regional health agency. Their validity period, from one to four years, will depend on validation by an “EVC” practitioner, knowledge validation tests.

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