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In Afghanistan, the Taliban forbid girls to go to university

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On Tuesday, December 20, Taliban authorities have ordered an indefinite ban on university education for girls in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Higher Education announced in a letter addressed to all public and private universities in the country.

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“All of you have been notified of the implementation of the aforementioned order to stop women’s education until further notice.”According to the message issued by Minister of Higher Education Nada Mohamed Nadim. Ministry spokesman Ziaullah al-Hashemi, who sent the message on Twitter, confirmed the matter with AFP.

sequel after announcement

Three months after the university entrance examinations

The ban on higher education comes less than three months after thousands of girls and women sat university entrance exams across the country. Girls are already denied access to secondary schools.

When they returned to power in August 2021, the Taliban promised to be more flexible, but they have largely reverted to the strict interpretation of Islam that marked their first transition to power (1996-2001).

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Brutal measures were especially multiplied against women, who were gradually excluded from public life and excluded from secondary schools.

In an unexpected turn, the Taliban on March 23 closed secondary schools (middle and high schools) just hours after their long-announced reopening.

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