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focusstitch | Fygr makes cash management easy

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Focus ➡ Created during the first reservation at the beginning of 2020 by François Menjaud and Geoffrey Laird, Fygr is a tricolor financial technology that provides monitoring, management and monetary forecasting solutions to managers of startups, SMEs and SMEs, but also accounting firms.

On October 5, Fygr completed a €2 million funding round with French-American fund Havenrock and several businessmen. With this fundraiser, Fygr wants to continue enriching its offering, particularly with the upcoming launch of an open version of its API to connect directly to tools and software already used by its customers. The remaining goal is to make it easier for company managers to manage cash, which is often synonymous with stress.

“This funding will allow us to move forward faster in enriching our services to help VSE managers / SMEs manage the financial management of their activity more easily,” says François Mengaud, Co-Founder and CEO of Fygr. It is clear that Fygr’s promise remains the same: to provide insight 360 degrees for the manager (past, present and future) for his financial management, through an easy-to-use interface, in order to develop his activity quietly, and have a better night’s sleep. »

Fygr has already supported thousands of managers as well as a hundred accounting firms.

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