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Emmanuel Macron congratulates Qatar and Egypt on the World Cup and Cup 27

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French President Emmanuel Macron congratulated Qatar on Tuesday, December 20, on the FIFA World Cup and its accessories “Friend” Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Assad agreed to organize COP27 in November, risking a new round of criticism.

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“We are about to finish the World Cup, the first of its kind in the Arab world, which was held in Qatar, and I congratulate them.”It was launched during a regional conference in support of Iraq on the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan, in Sowayma.

sequel after announcement

“A few weeks ago, the COP conference organized by Egypt ended and I congratulate my friend President Sisi because Sharm el-Sheikh succeeded in bringing the world together and settling part of the issue of losses and damages that was absolutely essential.”.

COP 27 ended up adopting a controversial text on aid to poor countries affected by climate change, as well as on failing to set new ambitions to reduce greenhouse gases.

Controversies over human rights

“The next COP will be held in the UAE, showing how the region has become a diplomatic hotspot.”Emmanuel Macron confirmed.

The French head of state was heavily criticized by the opposition for traveling twice to Qatar to support the French national team and for being flattered for organizing the event, despite the intense debate about human rights in this country and the environmental impact of the tournament. Cup in air-conditioned stadiums.

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Qatar is also at the center of an investigation into resounding suspicions of corruption in the European Parliament. “I totally suppose”The French president fired between the semi-finals and the cup final, which the Blues lost to the Argentines.

Emmanuel Macron is also regularly criticized by human rights advocates for his links to the Egyptian president despite the repression in that country. It is worth noting that he was presented with the Order of the Legion of Honor, the highest French decoration, during an official visit by Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to Paris in December 2020.

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