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Binhappy recycles vital waste for the planet

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The company with a mission in Normandy collects bio-waste to compost and biogas. An environmental commitment combined with awareness-raising action results in a virtuous socio-environmental circle that resonates especially in a climate-changed world.

While in 2017 Milesie de Witt is a nurse in Le Havre, the desire to do it is mixed with an increasingly growing environmental awareness. At the same time, under the Grenelle II Act, emitters of food waste that reached the ten-ton-per-year threshold were required to be sorted and recovered.

Faced with a stark lack of solutions for these bio-waste producers, Maëlis de Witte, driven by the urgency of action, made a career change to found BinHappy: a project committed to the planet and the younger generation, including her children. .

Circular economy model in combating food waste

BinHappy collects leftovers from restaurants, communities or even businesses and then recycles them into biogas or compost. An approach aimed above all at circumventing incineration, a practice that is widespread, but emits greenhouse gases.

Once collected by BinHappy’s fleet of biogas fuel trucks and bikes, the organic waste is put through a methane process that degrades the material in several challenging hygienic steps to make gas that will be injected into the grid or used to generate electricity.

This transformation, carried out together with a farmer from Seine-Maritime who owns his own methane processing unit, is proving to be a domestic alternative to imported energy that is set to be widely democratized in the current energy context. Especially since January 1, 2024, following the Waste Control Law for the Circular Economy, all vital waste without exception must be sorted at the source and recovered.

An educational approach to ecology

Besides collection, BinHappy embodies its commitment by raising awareness and supporting its customers in their waste recovery process. Since environmental benefits and social advancement go hand in hand for BinHappy, it is poised to expand its services to include local composting as well as in-depth training.

With BinHappy, you want to become a major player in waste management in Normandy while shaping an exemplary business model where human values ​​take precedence above all else.

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