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We Latvians know what Russia can do.

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What a fate for Sandra Calnetti! This Latvian writer, now a member of the European Parliament, was one of the country’s independence campaigners in 1991. “Wearing high heels in the snows of Siberia” (Sirte, 2003) : This is the intriguing title of his remarkable book tracing his family’s history. Sandra Kalnitti was actually born in Siberia, where her parents met. In 1941, his mother was deported there at the age of 15. his father in 1949. It was not until 1957, when Sandra Kalniti was five years old, that the family finally saw Latvia again, then still under the Soviet yoke.

The struggle for independence took place in 1991? Sandra Calnetti tells it in another very touching story, published in 2019 in an online edition, “Let’s Sing Freedom”. maintenance.

I was born in Siberia. Your family, who was deported there, would not be allowed to return to Latvia until 1957, when you were 5 years old. What memories do you have of that time?

Sandra Calnetti It was so mysterious, I was so young. I was so spoiled and my family did everything to protect me. When I was born in December 1952, shortly before Stalin’s death, my parents were very shocked when they realized that they had to come to the village soviets twice a month, so that, as the official explained, to check it out [leur fille] did not leave the place of landing. My parents understood that I was, in the eyes of the Soviet Union, a child “deportation for life”And the

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