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Oysters and Champagne: The Perfect Marriage That Science Finally Explained

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Oysters and champagne: a perfect match? New research from the University of Copenhagen tells us that these two types of foods contain complementary combinations of umami flavors (one of the five primary flavours) that work synergistically to enhance the taste experience. Science enlightens us on this subject.

Key factors

  • This new research, published Wednesday in Scientific Nature Reportsclaims to provide the first scientific explanation for this delicious marriage.
  • According to Professor Ole Mouritsen, one of the study’s authors, the answer lies in the umami taste of champagne and oysters, which is a somewhat surprising finding given that umami is generally associated with meat.
  • Umami, which literally translates as “savoury,” represents one of the five basic flavors the tongue can detect, along with sweet, salty, bitter, and sour.
  • The study’s lead author, Charlotte Vinther-Schmidt, explains some of the chemical elements in oysters and champagne “to create umami synergy, which greatly improves the taste of champagne,” adding that “the acidity and bubbles also contribute to the overall nice effect.”
  • “Older grapes pair better with oysters because they have more dead yeast cells that provide the umami taste, while the umami taste of oysters comes from their muscles,” says Ole Mouritsen.

Key quote

According to ole moritsen, a better understanding of the synergies with umami could encourage people to eat more vegetables. “You can make any vegetable delicious. And I strongly believe that to encourage people to eat more of them, we need to make up for the lack of umami in green vegetables, by adding that flavor to them through another food.”

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Robert Hart

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