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France lifts issuance restrictions

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France ended the diplomatic crisis with the Maghreb countries, Sunday (December 18th), by announcing in Algiers a return to normal in granting visas to Algerian citizens, after Tunisia at the end of August and Morocco on Friday.

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It was the French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, who put an end to the visa crisis that began in the fall of 2021, during a trip to Algiers.

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In a statement posted to Twitter, Gerald Darmanin announced the return “with an ordinary consular relationship” With Algeria, effective since then ” Monday “ Last (December 12) following an interview with his counterpart.

In the fall of 2021, France decided to restrict the issuance of visas in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, in order to encourage these countries to make efforts in the field of cooperation and combating illegal immigration. The rejection rate was 30% for Tunisia and 50% for Morocco and Algeria.

With this visa reduction procedure, Paris intends to put pressure on these countries to agree to welcome their nationals expelled from France.

“An exceptional, fraternal and modern partnership”

Tunisia was the first country with which Paris restored its consular relationship to pre-Covid levels. He explained in the French Ministry of the Interior that Tunisia was the first among the three countries that lifted the health checks required to be able to enter the territory.

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From the outset, it was planned to review the mechanism for reducing the number of visas issued by France to nationals of three Maghreb countries in accordance with ” efforts “ Superior.

On Friday, the head of French diplomacy, Catherine Colonna, made a trip to Rabat to announce the normalization of consular relations with Morocco. And for Algeria with the application since “last monday”.

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Catherine Colonna came to prepare for the scheduled state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron In the first quarter of 2023.. I argued that France wants To be in an exemplary partnership with Morocco, an exceptional, fraternal and modern partnership..

She also insisted on the need to adapt to “legitimate expectations” Morocco, which is developing and intends to play a major role in the Mediterranean and in Africa.

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“Very strong” relationship in Paris and Algiers

For his part, Gerald Darmanin said that his meeting with his Algerian counterpart was ” Importance ” because he said, This allows France to continue to show its great willingness to cooperate after the exchanges that took place between the President [Abdelmadjid] Tebboune and the president [Emmanuel] Macron ».

quote “Cooperation in the field of security and civil security” More generally exchanges between the two countries. boasted a ‘A very strong relationship’ between Paris and Algiers.

Paris and Algeria found the way to warm relations between them on the occasion of President Macron’s visit last August. Then, with great fanfare, the two heads of state signed a joint declaration on the resumption of cooperation between them.

In October, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born, accompanied by about fifteen ministers, went to Algiers to conclude reconciliation between the two countries.

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