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Christmas selection | Exclusives from the Cluizel Factory

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Since 1948, the chocolate factory has grown to become an international benchmark of French excellence. Today, big chocolate lovers pay tribute to the successes of traditional French manufacturing and the name Cloizel.

The factory has been mastering the three chocolate trades for several decades: cocoa maker, confectioner and chocolatier.
for parties, Cluizel Factory Unveils a unique assortment of pralines Exclusives. This one-of-a-kind collection is a highlight of manufacturing expertise: the box presents 9 pralines Exceptional Presented in haute couture case. More than a box of chocolates, it is an invitation to travel, to the heart of the chocolate senses.

Cloizel plant highlights Confectioner’s knowledge With a box of 100% pralines. classified as “normally” noble ingredients The Cloizel praline is one of the house’s flagship creations. Factory use only Whole fruit. Pralines are cooked over low heat in copper kettles inside the factory, at Damville. Then it is double ground into a granite millstone. The shock results in well-blended, uniform, undeniably old-fashioned pralines.
Packed in its black case, immaculate and elegant, Les Exclusifs pralines Invite all gourmets to experience a unique taste that pushes the boundaries of taste and texture. When tasted, pralines rely on a complex balance of sweet and strong flavours. They put all their beauty into the lengths, textures, and melt-in-your-mouth, crunchy and chewy feel.

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It is completely manufactured in Norman workshops From the manufacture, Les Exclusifs stands out with its complex, gourmet textures and amazing originality. The recipes are made exclusively with ingredients from the finest native terrain, carefully selected for their very high quality. Upon tasting, their aromas and the mouth length they give are unique, incomparable and one of a kind.

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