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Quentin Tarantino confirms that Adam Sandler was supposed to play the Jewish bear in Inglorious Basterds

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If Quentin Tarantino had his way, Adam Sandler would have played Donnie Donowitz, aka Bear Yehudi, in the movie. Inglourious Basterds. Tarantino and Judd Apatow appeared on a recent episode of The Bill Maher Show Scoundrels Club Podcast (per variety)in which the director confirmed he had written the part for Sandler, who was ultimately committed to Apatow.

Tarantino and Apatow met through Sandler in 2000, when the former director had a cameo in Sandler’s film Minelittle nikki. Tarantino was already working on it Inglourious Basterds The script at the time had Sandler in mind for Donowitz, but the movie didn’t premiere until 2009 — the same year Sandler starred in Apatow. Funny people. “I feel bad when I did that funny people With Sandler, I didn’t know that was the exact time you were trying to use it Inglourious BasterdsApatow said.

Looking back, Tarantino didn’t seem to mind. “Obviously he had to do your thing because of everything. I mean, to start with a silly video of you guys as kids,” he said. “But yeah, Bear Jew was going to… I wrote ‘Bear Jew’ for Adam Sandler. When I was doing little nikkiHe says to me like, “Man, I’m going to beat up the Nazis with a bat?” Damn script! Damn awesome! I can not wait! I can not wait! It was like telling every Jewish guy, “I’m going to play this guy who beats up the Nazis with a fucking bat.”


Tarantino eventually cast Eli Roth as Donowitz, but joked that it was hard to find a Jewish actor who wasn’t working with Apatow at the time. “Here’s the problem. [Apatow] Wrap up all the good Jews. That was the problem. Seth Rogen and all the good Jews were doing funny people. I kill Hitler with baseball bats and there are no good Jews! David Krumholtz, Nobody! All good jews all wrapped up! I do male Jewish fantasy! “

Tarantino isn’t a huge fan of the current state of the movie industry (you can thank Marvel, he says, for that), so he’s looking forward to making the switch to television next year. As for Apatow, he led last Bruce The first romantic comedy starring a gay couple from a major studio, Sandler has announced a series of stand-up dates for 2023. Get tickets to those shows via Ticketmaster.

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