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Qatar threatens Brussels implicitly

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It’s a game that will continue long after the World Cup is over. On Sunday, December 18, Qatar raised its rhetoric against the measures planned by the European Parliament against it.

The European Foundation is considering denying access to representatives of the rich emirate of gas. Parliament has been shaken since the opening of an investigation, in Brussels, targeting, in particular, Greek MP Eva Kaili: it is suspected that she received money from Qatar to defend the interests of the host country for the World Cup.

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On Thursday in Strasbourg, members of the European Parliament voted almost unanimously on a text requesting Urging the suspension of entry permits for representatives of Qatari interests. investigation time. The decision rests with the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola.

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“The decision to impose such a discriminatory restriction on Qatar, and to limit dialogue and cooperation before legal proceedings are over, will have a negative impact on regional and global security cooperation, as well as on ongoing discussions about global energy scarcity and security.”A Qatari diplomat responded on Sunday.

Qatar is one of the world’s leading producers of liquefied natural gas, along with the United States and Australia. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it has been increasingly courted by European countries, looking for an alternative to Russian gas.

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they say to themselves “aghast” Due to alleged acts of corruption and money laundering, MEPs also decided to suspend it All works related to legislative files related to the State of Qatar.Primarily those related to the liberalization of visas for the State of Qatar and Kuwait as well as the aviation agreement.

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diameter which “I strongly disagree” Accusations against him regret “Judgments based on inaccurate information revealed by the leaks without waiting for the investigation to be completed.”A Qatari diplomat said in a statement. While it is not the only country mentioned in the investigation opened by Belgium, criticism and attacks are targeted “exclusive” Qatar said.

Responding to a reporter, the speaker of Parliament, Roberta Metsola, said on Thursday that she had done so Two meetings with representatives of the Qatari government in Brussels. And she has “Refusal” The request of the Gulf state to address the European Parliament.

She also said that she refused an invitation from Qatar to attend the FIFA World Cup, citing it ‘Worries about this country’.

Macron goes to Qatar anyway

The emirate’s alleged involvement in this scandal, and much controversy over the Mondial newspaper – about respect for human rights or the environment – ​​did not discourage French President Emmanuel Macron from going to Doha to participate in the final between France and Argentina. Sunday. He had already participated in the France-Morocco semi-finals on Wednesday.

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In a statement issued on Sunday, Qatar confirmed their links “solid” With many EU countries, expressing that Gratitude to those who have shown their commitment to these relationships in the face of the current wave of attacks..

On the other hand, the principality denounced the non-cooperation of the Belgian government, which it said was its partner. ” close “ And the “key resource” liquefied natural gas.

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