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Pope Francis has planned his resignation letter

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Pope Francis revealed, in an interview published on Sunday, December 18, that he had already signed a letter of resignation nearly ten years ago, in the event he developed health problems without carrying out his duties.

This message was delivered to the Vatican’s foreign minister, Bishop Tarcisio Bertone, before the latter’s retirement in 2013.

sequel after announcement

I signed the resignation and told him: In the event of a medical or other impediment, here is my resignation. You have” “the Sovereign Pope announced to the Spanish daily “ABC”.

When the journalist asked him if he wanted this information to be known, François replied: “That’s why I’m telling you.”indicating that he did not know what Burton did after this letter.

86 years old

Sovereign ink hit 86 on Saturday. He had previously said in the past that he would renounce the papacy in the event of health problems.

The Pope suffers from an inoperable knee condition which has forced him to use a wheelchair in recent months. He’s had to cancel or cut back on his activities several times over the past year due to pain, and admitted in an interview in July that he needed to slow down.

“I think that at my age and with such a restriction I should keep myself a little to be able to serve the Church. Or, on the contrary, consider the possibility of withdrawing.”He said.

Francis’ predecessor, Benedict XVI, resigned in 2013 due to failing health, and now lives in the Vatican.

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