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French star Emily in Paris shares her beauty tips for American women

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Emily in Paris Philippine star Leroy-Beaulieu encouraged women to accept their age, while championing a “less is more” approach to makeup.

Leroy-Beaulieu, 59, will return for the third season of the hit show, which hits Netflix later this month.

She plays the iconic character Sylvie Gratto – the no-nonsense boss of Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) for luxury marketing company Savoir.

In a new interview with Page sixThe French actress shared her beauty tips for American women: “Don’t overdo it on your face. Just be very nice to her, accept it.”

She finished, “The little things can be all right, but once you try to do too much and don’t settle for it, you’ll feel good…”

Elsewhere, accepting his age, Leroy Beaulieu said, “gave me a peace I had never had”, and advised women to “be glad to be wiser”.

She continued, “It’s something we should really appreciate instead of trying to be who we were 30 years ago, 20 years ago. I mean, it doesn’t make sense.

“It’s great that we’re just making the most of what we have and I think it’s getting better and better.”

She added that the experience of getting older helped her realize what was truly important and valuable, such as “having good relationships”.

As a result, Leroy Beaulieu said she “doesn’t feel the grudges I used to have”.

“I just forgive people. I’m on the move. Life is precious.”

The first episode of the third season of Emily in Paris It will be released on Netflix on Wednesday, December 21st.

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