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Demonstration in Paris against the immigration bill

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Several thousand people demonstrated on Sunday 18 December in Paris to demand the rights of illegal immigrants and to express their opposition to Minister Gerald Darmanin’s future immigration bill.

behind an advertisement banner “Wherever we come from, wherever we are born, our country is called Solidarity”In response to the appeal of several illegal immigrant groups, relief associations and trade unions (CGT and Solidaires), the demonstrators, including undocumented immigrants and activists, marched between the Porte de la Chapelle and the Place de la République, where they arrived in the early afternoon.

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We say (Gerald) Darmanin (Home Secretary) that we are not criminals. we are workersAn activist claimed a parade organized on the occasion of International Migrants Day, December 18 each year.


“We need a broad and permanent settlement for undocumented immigrants”said Isabelle Engalbert, President of Cimade Ile-de-France. However, Darmanin Bill provides “A minimum of organization, only in the so-called ‘under pressure’ sectors – in which there is not even catering! »did she say.

The text, which must be submitted in early 2023, provides for the establishment of a residence permit for workers not registered in the ‘Jobs in distress’which lack manpower.

“I want papers”In the procession, Cynthia, a Nigerian who has worked as a waitress in France since 2011, said in the procession. A few meters away, Omo, originally from Côte d’Ivoire since 2012, said she was given papers in 2020 but was denounced. “difficulty renewing”.

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“Undocumented work is often with family with school children. Since they do not have papers, they are often in a situation of semi-slavery or exploitation in their professional activity. However, this part is not dealt with by the bill, which only responds to security goals .Judgment of Isabelle Engalbert.

Migration: The Trap of OQTFs

Residence permit ‘Jobs in distress’ The one provided by the government will be an annual, renewable title, if the profession is so “always on edge”.

“We work here, we live here, we stay here”-You could read on the banner. “Without papers, in danger, we are not dangerous”And the “housing for all”Many protesters echoed.

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