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Ukraine is trying to restore electricity after the Russian strikes

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On Saturday, December 17, Ukraine was working to restore electricity after new Russian missile strikes caused blackouts across the country, which the European Union has described as war crimes.

In Ukraine, the Cold War is raging

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, condemned this new “An example of the blind terror of the Kremlin”follower Cruel and inhumane attacks against people who “constitute war crimes”.

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The European Union has also approved new sanctions targeting Moscow that specifically ban the export of drone engines to Russia or third countries capable of supplying them.

For its part, France condemned the Russian bombings on Friday. “These actions constitute war crimes and in no way weaken France’s determination to support Ukraine and to fight impunity.”The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

The respective power supply and heating fittings

On Friday, Russia launched a total of 74 missiles – mostly cruise missiles – 60 of which were shot down by the air defense, according to the Ukrainian military.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Kyiv and fourteen regions were affected by power or water cuts.

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“All their targets today are civilians. The Russian strikes mainly hit power supply and heating facilities »said the Ukrainian president.

It is likely that as a result of this war the meaning of the word “terror” will be associated with the insane actions of Russia for most people in the world.added Zelensky, who called “pressure increase” West on the Kremlin and provide more air defense systems to Ukraine.

A third of the population of Kyiv has water and heating

Across the country, interventions are underway to restore electricity.

“Our engineers and repair crews have already started working during the airstrike and are doing everything they can to restore power generation and supply. This takes time. But it will come to an end.”said the Ukrainian president.

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In Kyiv, Mayor Vitali Klitschko specified that only a third of the population had water and heat, and 40% had electricity. In Kharkiv (northeast), the second largest city in the country, the authorities announced in the evening that they had restored electricity to 55%. According to the district governor Oleg Synigubov, 85% of the district’s population had access to electricity on Friday evening.

Three people were killed in a Russian raid that targeted a residential building in Kryvyi Rij (south), according to the region’s governor.

Heavy strikes tactic since oct

For its part, pro-Russian authorities in the eastern Luhansk region accused Ukrainian forces of artillery fire on two districts, killing 11 and wounding 17 on Friday.

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Facing a series of military setbacks this fall, Russia has since October opted for the tactic of massive strikes aimed at destroying Ukraine’s electrical grids and transformers, and plunging millions of civilians into the cold and darkness of winter.

With this new wave of Russian bombing on Friday, It may take longer than before to restore power.Ukrenergo alerted the national electricity company on Facebook, which specified this “(Electricity will be) provided as a priority for basic infrastructure: hospitals, water services, heating facilities, and wastewater treatment plants.”.

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