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The great diplomatic caution of Latin American leaders

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Brazil is back. » He has already said it and repeated it, and Lula will certainly repeat it in his inaugural address at the beginning of January: with him as president, Brazil will return strongly on the international scene, where it intends to play a visible and important role. . Except perhaps for one topic: the war in Ukraine.

In May, during the election campaign, candidate Lula was shocked by her declaration in an interview with Time Magazine: Putin should not have invaded Ukraine. But Putin is not the only one to blame. The United States and the European Union as well. » And the Brazilian leader left to add: ” This type [le président ukrainien Volodymyr Zelensky] Responsible, like Putin, for the war. » Error? sliding? not at all. Jair Bolsonaro, his far-right opponent, was on the same line. In the aftermath of the 2014 invasion of Crimea, the administration of Dilma Rousseff, a protégé of Lula and who succeeded her as president, criticized Western attempts to suspend Russia from the G20 and mentioned the negative impact of sanctions imposed on Moscow on developing countries.

Regarding Ukraine, Latin America has a software problem: it is not updated. To be fair, we must say: part of Latin America. In Chile, President Gabriel Boric immediately condemned the attack and showed unwavering support for Zelensky. Immediate condemnation too

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