Home News Much of the jewelry stolen at the end of 2019 from the Dresden Museum has been found

Much of the jewelry stolen at the end of 2019 from the Dresden Museum has been found

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A rebound three years after the spectacular Dresden Museum robbery: fragment ” huge “ Priceless stolen jewelry was found in Berlin, in the middle of the trial of the suspects, announced this Saturday, December 17, the police and the prosecutor’s office.

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The storming of the Grunes Gewolbe Museum (“Green Falte”), high standing of Saxon heritage, shocked spirits at the end of 2019 with its complexity and the amount of loot in excess of €100 million.

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In all, 31 whole pieces or fragments were found by investigators and police from Dresden, the capital of Saxony, on Saturday night in Berlin. of between it Breast Star of the Polish Order of the White Eagleencrusted with diamonds, and “hat jewelry”with approximately 300 diamonds.

Other pieces are missing, including a brooch of Queen Amalie Auguste of Saxony.

21 jewels with more than 4,300 diamonds

The discovery comes during the trial that began in January for the trial of six suspects, including two minors at the time of the facts, on charges of theft. Members of organized crime, suspected of breaking into the famous museum of Dresden, a baroque city in the east of the country, on November 25, 2019.

21 jewels were stolen, all with more than 4,300 diamonds, including one of 49 carats, with a total insured value of at least €113.8 million. The loot has not yet been found and the defendants have never spoken at trial.

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However, most of the catch was found thanks “exploratory talks” between the defense and the prosecution, with a view to reaching a possible settlement in this trial and recovering the stolen items that still exist.

The authorities did not say more than that on Saturday and refer to the next session of this trial on Tuesday to learn about new developments.

A criminal gang of Lebanese origin

The seized material has already been transported from Berlin to Dresden under the protection of the SS. It should in particular be examined by specialists in the art collections of Dresden who will check its authenticity and completeness.

The museum, one of the oldest in Europe, contains an incomparable collection of treasures made of goldsmithing, precious stones, porcelain, ivory or amber carvings, bronzes, and containers set with precious stones.

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Arrested in November 2020 in Berlin after months of videotapes and DNA analysis, the suspects belong to a criminal gang of Lebanese origin very active in Germany, known as “Remo Clan”.

They are judged in particular for crimes “Aggravated robbery in an organized gang” And the “in particular arson”. They risk up to 10 years in prison.

Involved in the theft of a giant 100k gold coin

Before committing the crime, the criminals set fire to an electrical transformer near the museum to cut off the power supply. They also set their car on fire.

Forty more people, who are still wanted, will take part in the operation.

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Well established in Berlin’s famous and bohemian district of Neukölln “Remo Clan” Already implicated in the theft of a giant 100-kilogram gold coin, worth around 3.75 million euros, that was stolen in 2017 from the Bode Museum in Berlin and possibly melted.

Convictions had already been pronounced in this case, in particular against two of the defendants in the Dresden trial.

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