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At 49.3, the 2023 budget is about to be approved in the General Assembly

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Parliament is preparing to finally adopt the 2023 draft budget on Saturday, December 17, with the expected rejection of a final proposal of censure from the left in Parliament, at the end of autumn punctuated by ten appeals to the constitutional weapon of 49.3.

“The hardest part is the first part. After that, it’ll be alright…”: Macro owners put to the test by 49.3

The Nupes coalition proposal should be shelved at the end of the day, ending this almost unprecedented budget marathon in a new bubble council.

sequel after announcement

Within two months, the government will have applied Article 49 Paragraph 3 of the Constitution ten times, in order to pass the state budget and social security without a vote.

Such a pace has not happened since the fall of 1989, when Prime Minister Michel Rocard was deprived of an absolute majority in the Bourbon Palace, like Elizabeth Bourne since the legislative elections in June.

“denial of democracy” and obstruction

Everyone bears responsibility for this: the opposition criticized the government all fall for it “denying democracy”While the presidential camp accused them of obstructing. “With regard to the budget, we cannot find a middle ground if the opposition is afraid to compromise itself.”The prime minister noted again on Thursday.

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that’s 49.3, “It’s no longer a topic, they don’t talk to me about it in the markets”Says the rapporteur of the text to the Assembly, Jean-Rene Cazeneuve (Renaissance). This Macronian framework defends “A budget that protects the French and local authorities and companies”With “A balance between an acceptable level of helplessness and the protection necessary for the French”.

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Among the main measures of the text: a tariff shield to contain the rise in energy prices to 15%, or an increase in the salaries of teachers or a priority demanded in favor of the sovereign ministries.

Tensions over taxation of “big business”

But in the midst of the rising cost of living, the debate has focused on calls from the left and the RN to tax “Super Profits” Large companies such as the oil group Total or shipping company CMA CGM benefited from higher prices.

At the assembly, the Macroites are (also) watching the left wing

Nupes and the far right have called for a broad tax, as the government defends its supply-side policy, warning of measures that would penalize French companies compared to their foreign competitors.

The executive branch stresses above all that it has conveyed a sealed agreement at the European level with two mechanisms: “temporary solidarity contribution” Producers and distributors of gas, coal and oil that will bring about 200 million to France, and a cap on the income of electricity producers, is likely to bring an additional 11 billion into state coffers.

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The pension reform was unveiled on 10 January

On the right, LR LE Total Budget “waster”which predicts a general deficit of 5% of GDP in 2023. Opposition deputies challenge the government’s forecast of a preemptive growth of 1% of GDP, not failing to point out that Emmanuel Macron himself spoke in the press of growth rather than “0.5 or 0.7% in 2023”.

Budget: In the National Assembly, the right leads the battle for amendments

Because the clouds are gathering, with energy and food prices rising since the war in Ukraine, consumption is at half-mast and industrial production is falling.

Description of INSEE Thursday “passes cold” From the French economy marked by a contraction in GDP in the last quarter of 2022 to a slight recovery in 2023. A recession will be avoided but a one-year inflation peak of 7% is expected in January and February.

Either a combustible comeback, while the government intends to unveil the main lines of its controversial pension reform on January 10th.

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