Home Politics “You can’t convict a man on the sands of this wiretap.”

“You can’t convict a man on the sands of this wiretap.”

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It is always dangerous to invite a politician to say the last word. Even when he finds himself before the Court of Appeal. With them, last words are never really. When President Sophie Klement asks Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday December 15, the last day of his appeals trial, if he would like to add something, we suspect his last words will take the form of a mini-pleasure. We were right. The ex-president gets up from his seat, unbuttons his jacket, and storms off: “ This is the first time in this long legal journey that I have walked into a court without feeling that the judges who have to judge you have priority. He did not do so to thank his judges. We keep saying I’m trying to pressure them,” Flirting.

He continues in the same reckless tone he had since the beginning of the debates:

Nothing hurt me in the questions you asked me. I have always hated injustice. Madam President, I’ll go all the way. I will fight till my last breath. Not because I’m the strongest or the smartest. But because I’m innocent. »

“Rainbow Warrior”

Two days earlier, a public defender had considered during the indictment the “bismuth case” that caused the former tenant of the Elysée to find himself before the Court of Appeal in Paris since December 5 “Matter of unprecedented gravity under Ve Republic.” “That

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