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The luxurious, upscale designer retreat for social workers opens today in River Oaks

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Today’s social ladder can be broken where torrentServing a fusion of modern Japanese and French cuisine, River Oaks/Uptown’s newest restaurant opens its golden doors to the city’s eager crowd.

The restaurant, inspiring the hotspots of the Côte d’Azur « is on the way to devenir a haut niveau for gourmets, mondays, local celebrites and visitors » socializing in a haut niveau design, selon un communiqué release.

Behind the project are local entrepreneurs and contractors Ryan Henry, Adil Sadiq and Vassi Tai (with the help of hospitality professionals including COO Michael Fu and Fabrizio Baranzano), with a lavish 8,000-square-foot space at 4411 San Felipe that’s been tricked out with all the latest high-tech bells and whistles.

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Designed by co-founder of Studio Five Design and restaurant partner Sadek, Ciel spins shades of blue and white (reminiscent of sky, which is French heaven) with imported Italian porcelain floors, marble tables and velor booths in navy, navy and cream, and dusty pink chairs. In the new pull-out dining room, it seats 240. A raised lounge at the main entrance provides a 35-foot bar made of a continuous slab of white marble. There’s even a statue of Zeus, the Greek god of the sky.

Menu Executive Chef Joseph Jeskopf (whose resume includes Michelin-starred restaurants The French Laundry in Yountville, California, and The Vespertine in Culver City, California) has created a menu featuring fish imported daily from Japan and New Zealand, as well as a selection of fillets. High quality meat, raw meat and vegetables, selection of caviar and sushi. The Geiskopf team includes Chef Frank Hernandez and Pastry Chef Michaela Victoria.

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