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Secularism deserves better than teaching the “Republican counterattack”

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On Friday, December 9, the anniversary of the 1905 law, Sarah Hariri, Minister of State for Youth, enters the fray. Tweets are:

Theorists of political Islam infiltrate our society and target our youth on social media. Let’s create a Republican counterattack! ».

First maneuvers in Sabah Radio Sud, where she presents her method of convincing (Muslim) youth of the benefits of secularism. first of all, Secularism protects the fact that there is no difference between men and women.. Perhaps the journalist did not dare to ask him what happened between 1905 (the law on the separation of church and state) and 1945 (the date when women were able to vote for the first time in France). Let’s go.

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Then the Secretary of State explains what he responds to when she hears (Muslim) youth criticizing secularism:

“Why do you think Iranian women tear their headscarves at the cost of their lives? Because it so happens that in Iran there is God’s law that carries and weighs more than the law that recognizes equality.”.

A great strategy is to put divine and human recipes into competition. The young man (Muslim) is invited to choose between God’s will and Elizabeth Bourne’s will. There is no doubt about the success of the operation.

But Sarah El Heiri has another strong argument:

“Why are the Uighurs basically being pushed around, persecuted by the Chinese regime? still for sectarian reasons.”.

The real problem of the Chinese state does not lie in the tyrannical exercise of power by rival and corrupt clans who share the country’s wealth as before through the exploitation of its ethnic and religious minorities. No, it’s just missing its 1905 stat.

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But the minister did not reveal all her secrets to convince the (Muslim) youth. She has one last card in her hand: her counterattack, whose ambition she summarizes as follows:

The counterattack should enable the creation of content, digital in particular, supported by CIPDR [Comité Interministériel de Prévention de la Délinquance et de la Radicalisation], carried by my colleague Sonia Bakis, a kind of concert, Minister of National Education, Minister of the Interior, Minister of Citizenship, Minister of Associations, we create a kind of energy that gives the means to young people themselves to make them secular, modern and contemporary. »


All the paradoxes in the world would not be enough to point out the absurdity of such an approach. We try to laugh it off to avoid the despair of seeing such a power vacuum. But there will be much more to be said and done, apart from the cries of the government.

The complexity of identity processes

Another method exists in practice, a peaceful secularism that the staff of our schools bring to life every day. Those who see in every student a child of the Republic rather than its potential enemy. Those who measure the complexity of the identity processes that play a role in adolescence, and their contradictions and errors. Those who do not get lost in empty speeches, but hold the emblem of the republic at arm’s length.

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Of course, there is much to debate about solutions. Here is one example among many others: Should religious education be taught in school? We assume it is necessary. Simply put: Religious truth exists, it exists, and all teachers in their classrooms remember it. Yet a certain reading of secularism acts as if it must be ignored. This position is not appropriate. We must move, as Régis Dupres said, from the secularity of ignorance to the secularity of intelligence. True secular education of religious truth is necessary today. It is a matter of studying it in its many forms: historical, cultural, philosophical, artistic, scientific. Our students know very little about religions, including those whose emblems they carry as a banner. This ignorance is the source of all prejudices, which can sometimes give way to intolerance and violence. Here, more than anywhere else, the school must play its full part, and find strength to be therapy.

Is secularism soluble in caricature?

But instead of these debates, today we find a belief system dedicated to correcting pronouns. Under his rule, republican values ​​were changed into an educational education to be muttered to students. Between ministerial orders and the practice of educators, there is today an abyss that nothing seems capable of reabsorbing. In secularism, as in many other subjects, the reasoning will be the same: government makes gestures, but reality is elsewhere.

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