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Pension reform: why Macron wants to impose it

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It was Edouard Philippe who, one evening at the Elysée Palace, summed up the scale of the task before the President of the Republic. “The English have Northern Ireland, and we have pensions.” The former prime minister, who tried in vain to introduce a points system during the first five-year period, to replace the pay-as-you-go system, is in a good position to talk about it. On the subject, his mentor Juppe broke his teeth in 1995. Emmanuel Macron believes he can succeed where others left off.

Pensions will be the main fix for 2023 and even for his second five-year term. Attacking it from the north: He forced the French to defer the legal age of their retirement, a measure two-thirds of them say they oppose. Already, the unions are warning that they will form a common front. And on January 10, when the bill is introduced, the mood will be bleak: war, inflation, high electricity prices and possible blackouts. With a carbon tax, rotors are set on fire with less than that…

However, the boss is adamant about it. “The reform we will achieve must be the one I advocated for during the campaign. I did not lose votes for nothing.”Tell those close to him. While he planned to present the last arbitration proceedings before Christmas, Macron nonetheless chose to delay the announcement. Formally, to take into account the results of the public service’s professional election

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