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Mercedes S-Class Limousine … Shall we go to the fair?

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There are certain cars, this is rarely true, one of which is as much a passenger as a driver’s pleasure. Aptly named, this limousine invites you to let yourself be driven while making the most of comfort and technology.

According to ISO, International Organization for Standardizationwhich sets and publishes international standards, and in its 1971 definition, a limousine must meet the following criteria: “A closed car body with a fixed hardtop, with a fixed windshield, four or six side doors, six or more sides, with a trunk without direct contact with passenger compartment. In short, a long luxury car. And not many of them meet these criteria. Americans have made a specialty of these huge vehicles, with LincolnAnd the Chrysler where eludewhile the Europeans, with the exception of some special models such as a Audi Q7 Apollo or even a The BMW X6 Admiral, which can only be found in the catalog of specialized rental companies, opted for “small” cars. The only exceptions to the rule: Maybach And the Mercedes S-Class Limousine People with the same DNA: Mercedes.

In terms of “accessible” luxury in cars, Mercedes stands for longevity and durability, making it just over 70 years since the first S-Class Boy. This S, then abbreviated as “Super” or “Special”, only became official in 1972 with the first S-Class That’s how it was called just 50 years ago! Regardless of year or model S-Class It embodies the legendary and traditional knowledge of the company’s engineers, whose star continues to shine brightly. the new S-Class It is no exception to this rule and appeals to almost all senses (sight, touch, hearing and smell), offering many innovations in the areas of assistance, protection and protection.Interaction is always with man at the center of interests. The age of technology is obliging, it uses digitization to deliver a car that reacts insightfully and efficiently to the needs and desires of the driver and passengers (“Hey Mercedes!”). I have taken full advantage of it and the passengers we have been able to carry over the past Cannes Film Festival Also, it’s time to join in Villa Forbes From the steps of the famous palace.

Even if I found it a pleasure to drive this rolling palace with exceptional ease of driving despite the “engine” proportions, I was a happy, satisfied passenger in this realm of polished leather with active ambient lighting. (with approximately 250 LEDs integrated into the driving assistance systems), “personal heating”, “my air conditioning”, “heated and massaging seats”, or the very sophisticated “multimedia installation” (Burmester® 4D-Surround) with two 11.6-inch (29.5 cm) HD touch screens (options: Business class package : 39,750 €) … Traveling in these conditions is pure happiness both in 350 d (286 hp) or better, the S 400D 4Matic (330 hp), especially at the end AMG line (from 105,850 €). It may be tedious to list the innovations of this novelty but we can mention the most important innovations, starting with the system MBUX (Mercedes-Benz user experience) Second generation: up to five screens, in part with OLEDLike 3D rendering with depth effect. The ultra-large display with augmented reality content is equally impressive. The new generation of the standard Driver Assistance Package includes several enhanced or newly created functions, such as the driver display, driver assistance systems and lighting systems. With rear-wheel steering (optional), the S-Class gives the impression of being as maneuverable in town as a compact car, an advantage for such a luxury vehicle at 5.18m long and almost 2m wide, without mirrors.

As always, a number of packages add extras such as feature pack (6,750 €) which notably includes the panoramic sunroof; The premium package (13,350 euros) which occupies the previous seat by adding, for example, massage and heating seats; The Premium Plus (16,200 euros) Addition of heated seats in the rear. For once, I don’t highlight the performances, even if they are present with 0 to 100 in 6.4 seconds (350d) or 5.4 seconds (400d), when it comes to sedans or limousines, the weights are pretty much identical (from 2020 to 2070 kg). Luxury: This is a word that takes on its full meaning in a limousine. More on this one.

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