Home Politics The only person responsible for the struggle over pensions is Emmanuel Macron.

The only person responsible for the struggle over pensions is Emmanuel Macron.

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In the past, the CFE-CGC has already approved reforms consisting of changing the retirement age. How is it different this time?

Francois Humrell This is exactly the question Elisabeth Bourne asked when she received me at Matignon on the 8th of December. Well, the answer is simple: The problem with this reform is that it is gratuitous, neither technically nor politically. When the starting age was raised in 2010 from 60 to 62, it was because the grandparents’ boomerang wave had not yet been caught up and so the pay-as-you-go system was in jeopardy. It is not the issue today.

No logical reason? However, the government presents the Pension Steering Board (COR) forecast, which raises a deficit of 10 billion euros at the end of the five-year period …

The COR report is based on highly questionable assumptions. For example, why is unemployment supposed to rise after 2028? The truth is that we do not know, and therefore there is no urgency. As you know, the social partners know how to anticipate things very well because we manage pension funds that have accumulated a total of 180 billion euros in reserves. [notamment au sein des caisses de retraite complémentaire Agirc-Arcco, NDLR]. While the state sees its debt go up. So the social partners have nothing to learn from the government.

Once the financial argument is deconstructed, the political argument remains. The government tells us: We own

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