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The city of Paris filed a complaint against Gabriel Attal for defamation

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The outing was very bad at the Hôtel de Ville. On Thursday December 15th, the Paris Council authorized the Mayor of PS Anne Hidalgo to submit a file Defamation complaintOn behalf of the city against the Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, after his statements to absorb the system “capitalized rents” to a fraudulent system “Ponzi”.

Gabriel Attal called the deputies “irresponsible”, it is a techno fantasy of power

The subject of frequent criticism from the right and center opposition, operating capital rents is, for the city, requiring social landlords for all rents due over several decades and recording the proceeds collected in revenue from operations and not. of investments to balance its budget. This is a pejorative, but legal device.

sequel after announcement

On November 23, France’s Gabriel Atal qualified for Inter this system “phantom”authorizing the city of Paris to accumulate debts “over the years”.

The truth is that today there is an additional €1 billion in debt to the City of Paris linked to this system. Honestly, this is Ponzi.”The minister has estimated, referring to the type of fraud he said “Ponzi scheme”.

“hatred” and “conflict”

The Minister of Public Accounts has great power. When the city porter was accused of financial wrongdoing, he was not only malicious, but also insignificant.”judged the elected EELV Emile Meunier, considering that it was a “Operation of political destabilization”.

“What the minister says involves responsibility, including at the criminal level, for hundreds of people whether they are elected officials or civil servants of the city of Paris or the state”First Deputy Emmanuelle Gregoire added the referee ” Logic “ that the city of paris, As a legal person, he can assert his right to respect..

The opposition voted against it, arguing that if Anne Hidalgo was to press charges, she should “in his name”.

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