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Summary of the France-Morocco match: result, goals, summaries

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Preview of the World Cup semi-finals:

listen to me. While that seems unfair given the way things have played out, it’s still difficult to explain what the likely tactical shape of the game tonight would be other than to say France will have most of the ball And we look forward to breaking the Moroccan defense unity (not weak) with presence Beware of possible counterattacks that are launched like guided missiles at any moment.

This is not an easy task Morocco, which has mastered the art of defense far from its goal And in a way that allows them to take advantage of the strengths of their team and roster Accurate and decisive moments in the attack who threatened and Kill some of the strongest teams in the tournament.

The main fight in tonight’s game is, on paper, Kylian Mbappe against his close friend, Ashraf Hakimi. The magician of the French winger reached a top speed in this World Cup of 35.3 km / h, the same speed as his colleague in Paris Saint-Germain.

Mbappe also has the second highest number of possession attempts in the tournament and Hakimi has the most successful defensive tackles and duels.

French He scored 5 goals, and he sits alongside Messi on top of the scorers at the Christmas tree, but he against a potential competitor with 49 touches in the penalty area Compared to the Argentinean, he has 37.

If Hakimi can slow him down, that’s fine work, but that’s not the end of the story.

France has abundance or excesstooffensiveand options At their disposal: If Mbappe doesn’t understand you, then Dembele Maybe too Jerrod. Griezmann was reborn as a midfielder alongside TchoameniWho opened the record against England in the quarter-finals.

Morocco has everything to do, and many have written it off. But The home stadium can look like the African side’s stadium Tonight, it could be the fans who push their exhausted team to the last.


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