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PS left to macro, transformer enthusiasm

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On the evening of December 7th, in one of the Elysee salons, the guests had barely touched their seafood when they were already full. When Olivier Dussopet took the floor, everything became clear, says one of the dinner guests devoted to pension reform. In ten minutes, he revealed everything: the different scenarios, the scales for long careers, the elderly… It’s great! Its only drawback is its monotonous tone. But I fear he is breaking because the President has entrusted him with the most difficult tasks at the beginning of his five-year term. »

After the unemployment insurance reform in the fall, here the Minister of Labor is responsible for pensions. At the end of January, he will also defend the immigration bill. While conducting consultations on value-added sharing in companies. “When Matignon says ‘These are our fixes’, this is a list of everything we do every day,” He mocks one of his advisors.

At forty-four, he’s the man Macroni counts on. However, nothing seemed to have a hold on his young face. Neither the weight of responsibilities nor the attacks of his former camp. Like many who gathered in front of the Head of State, Olivier Dusupet comes from the Socialist Party. The path is now familiar, except that he belongs to the left wing of the party and today bears the measures most deplored by his former comrades. “Let’s be clear, they think I cheated,” frankly assumed. How is this ex-pro

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