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“Large” reforms announced by the President of the European Parliament

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On Thursday 15 December, the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, announced reforms “of size” for the year 2023, in the wake of the alleged corruption scandal involving Qatar that is rocking this institution. “I am in the process of putting together a package of far-reaching reforms that will be ready at the beginning of next year.”She said at a European summit in Brussels, noting in particular the strengthening of whistleblower protections and the banning of informal friendship groups with third countries.

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“There are loopholes that need to be filled, for example regarding the activities of former members of the European Parliament, entries in the Transparency Register, and persons authorized to enter the European Parliament.”Roberta Metsola added during a press conference.

sequel after announcement

Meeting in plenary session in Strasbourg, the MEPs, for their part, voted almost unanimously on a text requesting it Urging the suspension of entry permits for representatives of Qatari interests. Time for judicial investigations. This decision must be taken by the President of the European Parliament. In Brussels, Roberta Metsola has already identified the NGO No Peace Without Justice, which is “Allegedly linked to the ongoing investigation”Access is suspended.

MEPs ‘terrified’

On Tuesday, the European Parliament stripped its deputy, Greek MP Eva Kaili, on suspicion of being involved in this scandal and is currently in detention. His companion, Francesco Giorgi, is in pre-trial detention, as is former MEP Pier Antonio Panzieri. Niccolò Vega Talamanca, president of the NGO “No Peace Without Justice”, was to be released by wearing an electronic bracelet.

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they say to themselves “aghast” With these alleged acts of corruption and money laundering, MEPs decided to suspend her All works related to legislative files related to the State of Qatar.Primarily those related to the liberalization of visas for the State of Qatar and Kuwait and the aviation agreement. At the end of the judicial inquiry, the parliamentarians also pledged to form an investigation committee […] on cases of corruption and abuse of third countries” To influence the European Parliament.

In response to a question, Roberta Metsola said in a press conference that she had rejected Qatar’s invitation to attend the FIFA World Cup. “I refused because I have concerns about this country”, did she say. she told her Two meetings with representatives of the Qatari government in Brussels. And she has “to reject” A request from this country to address the European Parliament.

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For its part, Doha denied its involvement in corruption attempts.

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