Home News Eva Kylie is still in prison, suspected of being corrupted by Qatar

Eva Kylie is still in prison, suspected of being corrupted by Qatar

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Her lawyer, Andre Risopoulos, told AFP that the Belgian court session for Greek deputy Eva Kaili, who is imprisoned in connection with an alleged loud corruption scandal involving Qatar, has been postponed to December 22.

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The former vice president of the European Parliament, who was sacked on Tuesday, will remain in detention until then. The other three people imprisoned since Sunday in this case will appear on Wednesday, December 14, before the Brussels Council, which must decide whether or not to remain in detention, according to the same source.

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Eva Kylie “didn’t know there was money”

“case cut off” As for Eva Kylie, who was unable to appear in court on Wednesday due to the strike in prison, her lawyer has explained. He added that it was agreed, at the request of the defense, to postpone the hearing to December 22. The lawyer declined to comment further.

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Another lawyer for the European Parliament, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, told AFP in Athens on Tuesday that his client “You didn’t know there was money.” Found in his house in Brussels.

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