Home Politics Elizabeth Bourne draws her 10th number, 49.3 (in a month and a half)

Elizabeth Bourne draws her 10th number, 49.3 (in a month and a half)

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Elizabeth Bourne engaged on Thursday, December 15th for the tenth time in the text of the budget, in this case the Finance Bill 2023, the responsibility of her government using Article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows it to be adopted without a vote.

“The hardest part is the first. After that, it’ll be alright…”: Macro owners put to the test by 49.3

“We’ve made progress – I want to applaud them. But we’ve found the door too often closed. On the budget, we can’t find a middle ground if the opposition is afraid to compromise itself. France needs a budget by January 1, 2023. And time running out nowBy engaging her, the Prime Minister justified her government’s responsibility On the fully funded bill for 2023.at the opening session of the Assembly devoted to its final reading.

sequel after announcement

The last movement of blame

The Prime Minister has doubled his recourse to Article 49.3 since October 19, with the aim of approving the 2023 budget with forceps before the end of the year.

For their part, the Nubian MPs again put forward a motion of censure, for the last time this year. the movement “It will now be filed for defense on Saturday.”Eric Cockrell, Chairman of the Finance Committee, told the press. “Bourne rules at a rate of one coup per week. Government: 10. Democracy: zero.”denounced on Twitter the head of her group, Mathilde Bannot.

The prime minister has advocated a budget without tax increases, which includes “Emergency Responses for Purchasing Power” And the “It means full employment, for ecological transition, for equal opportunity, for (sovereignty)”. She also indicated that the final text was “Refined and improved over its initial release” with Amendments from the majority as well as objections.

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The government can use 49.3 times as much as it likes on the text of the budget, like this or the draft Social Security budget, or even the draft amendment of budgets. He also plans to pass his pension reform in the Social Security Amendment Bill (PLFRSS). But for a non-financial script, he can only use 49.3 once per session.

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