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Will the Alsace region return independent of the Grand Est?

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On Wednesday, December 14, ten deputies from the presidential camp announced the introduction of a bill aimed at removing Alsace from the Grand Est to become a self-contained region again, in the name of a larger region. “Proximity to public work”.

But why is Nantes still not associated with Brittany?

Members of the European Parliament highlight “Resentment and misunderstanding” Created in Alsace by the creation in 2016 of the Grand Est region that also includes Lorraine and Champagne-Ardennes, it is a group considered very broad and without historical and geographical coherence.

sequel after announcement

A. was launched European community in Alsace It was ‘strong progress’ But it is not enough, they think, and calls for a further step by making Alsace Complete practice area.

Bringing decision-making centers closer to the population

It must allow the return of Alsace to the institutional plan “greater simplicity in general work” and one “Simplifying procedures for our citizens, who will no longer have to search for a suitable interlocutor among the different classes of society.”.

It’s also about fetching decision-making centers of the population. and restore “A setting consistent with the territorial and transnational specificity of the Alsace region”appeal to parliamentarians in a press release.

The text was signed by ten deputies, from Modem (Hubert Haut, Bruno Fuchs), Horizons (Didier Lemire, Vincent Thibaut, Stephanie Cochert) and Renaissance (Charles Setzenstall, Françoise Buffet, Charlotte Goetchy-Bolognese, Brigitte Klinkert, Bruno Studer).

sequel after announcement

their bill “Part of an ongoing dialogue with the government”, they point. They hope that their text will be placed on the assembly’s agenda in the first quarter of next year.

In February a citizen’s consultation was organized, without legal value, on the fate of Alsace. 92% of voters support leaving the Grand East. Despite the low turnout, 150,000 voters, many elected officials welcomed the Popular success.

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