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The court orders its removal

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For the umpteenth time, on Wednesday, December 14, justice ordered the municipal council of Béziers to remove the Christmas crib located in the main courtyard of the town hall within 24 hours on pain of a fine of 100 euros per day.

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sequel after announcement

Seized by the League of Human Rights (LDH) in summary proceedings – an emergency measure, the Administrative Court of Montpellier estimated that custody was placed Highlighting the nativity scene And also that “This installation within the confines of a public building ignores the provisions of Article 28 of the Act of 9 December 1905 and the requirements relating to the principle of neutrality of public persons.”Details in his decision consulted by AFP.

“We obey, but I regret this very cruel measure in the face of something that, however, brings people together.”, Beziers Mayor Robert Menard, who is close to the National Rally (RN), responded to a question by AFP. He now intends to move the crib to the front yard of the town hall.

“The ruler does not apply the law”

The LDH had unsuccessfully requested the prefect of Hérault “to enforce the law”. In a December 5 letter obtained by AFP, the governor warned against this“The state will not ask the mayor of Béziers to abandon this installation”Believing that this nativity cave was “A cartoon among other things”.

The governor no longer uses his power and does not enforce the law. That’s why we went to court. The systematic violation of the law must be punished.”Sophie Mazas, head of LDH in Hérault, explained at the hearing on Tuesday to me.

sequel after announcement

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“We are happy to see that the judge implements the law and the decision of the Council of State, but we are very suspicious of the decision of the prefect of Hérault not to enforce the law. We will ask for an appointment in the prefecture but also in the hierarchy”replied on Wednesday.

The Beaucaire (Gard) and Béziers nurseries are regularly sued but continue to be installed each year by the respective mayors. The Perpignan case is also the subject of a forfeit at the Administrative Court of Montpellier by the LDH, which is scheduled for December 20.

On November 16, the Council of State confirmed the ban on the Christmas crib in the Boquer Municipal Building, with the oversight of Mayor RN Julien Sanchez.

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