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Record of journalists imprisoned in 2022 according to Reporters Without Borders, China and Iran concerned

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The number of imprisoned journalists around the world reached a new record in 2022: they are 533, or 45 more than last year (488), when we already recorded a historic level, according to the annual report of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) published. On Wednesday, December 14th.

More than half of the media professionals imprisoned worldwide as of 1Verse December in 5 countries: China (110th), Burma (62nd), Iran (47th), Vietnam (39th) and Belarus (31st). “Dictatorial and authoritarian regimes rush to fill their prisons by imprisoning journalists”Christophe Deloire, Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders, denounced it.

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Iran is the only country that has not been a part of this “proven track record” Last year, the NGO, which has kept this annual report since 1995, confirms. The Islamic Republic has in fact imprisoned a number of journalists ” Unprecedented “ Twenty years after the start of the protest movement that broke out in September. Thirty-four new journalists joined the thirteen who were already detained before the protests began.

– 78 female journalists were imprisoned

In this comprehensive global assessment, Reporters Without Borders reports an unprecedented number of women journalists imprisoned: 78 (compared to 60 last year), which is partly explained by the The growing feminization of the profession. Women journalists now represent nearly 15% of detainees, compared to less than 7% five years ago., according to the NGO. This is for example the case of the Iranians Niloofar Hamidi and Elah Mohammadi, Who helped draw attention to the murder of the young Iranian-Kurdish woman, Mohsa Amini? And the ‘Now risk the death penalty’.

Iran: Under the Turbans of the Mullahs, Kibis the Revolutionary Guards

The protests rocking Iran erupted after the death of the 22-year-old on September 16, after she was arrested by the vice squad for violating the Islamic Republic’s strict dress code. In total, “Iran alone detains 18 female journalists”15 of them have been imprisoned since the protests began. “This large number of detained journalists shows the Iranian authorities’ desire to systematically silence women’s voices.”says Reporters Without Borders.

The NGO awarded its “Courage Award” on Monday to one such Iranian female journalist, Narges Mohammadi, who He only spent a few months out of jail. since 2011.

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80% of journalists are intentionally killed

Men and women combined, two regions of the world are concentrated in three quarters of prisoners: “Nearly 45% of journalists are detained in Asia and more than 30% in the Maghreb and the Middle East”. As Reporters Without Borders points out, this is true Repression has increased sharply in Russia since the invasion of Ukraine in February..

Coronavirus – Reporters Without Borders: “This pandemic cannot be an excuse to impede freedom of the press”

According to the Reporters Without Borders report, the number of killed journalists (57) is also on the rise, especially due to the war in Ukraine, when it was “historically low” in 2021 (48) and 2020 (50). Of the eight journalists killed since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict, five were foreign journalists. Refers to the NGO.

According to Reporters Without Borders, “Almost 80% of media workers killed in 2022 were intentionally targeted because of their profession and the topics they were working on.”as such Organized crime and corruption.

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