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LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens will return to the association in January 2023

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does not leave. After an interview with “La Voix du Nord” on Tuesday, in which he ruled out resigning and denounced the “indiscriminate killing” of the media, the LFI deputy returned to the charge on Wednesday, December 14th. On BFMTV, Adrien Quatennens announced that he is returning to the association “Maybe as early as January.”despite his suspended four-month prison sentence “Hanf” On his wife a hammer will not be “violent man”.

Asked by BFMTV when he would return to the council, the MP replied: “I will probably be back in January”And the “unregistered” He said, since he was excluded from his political group for four months after his conviction, that is, until April 13, 2023.

sequel after announcement

“I didn’t kill anyone, I didn’t rape anyone”

His return to the LFI group was also conditional on a follow-on“Accountability Track for Violence Against Women”. A decision that has already sparked an uproar within the Nubians, with several parliamentarians calling for his resignation from his term as MP for the North.

“I will respect the collective decision that was taken within a democratic framework (…) which is the guarantee that I will not be able to sit on their seats for 4 months before they are reinstated.”explained Adrian Koatennes.

“Yes, I intend to return.”He said. “The work in the constituency did not stop, my parliamentary office was open almost every day during this period. I have a riding activity myself”he argued.

“I have not killed anyone, I have not raped anyone, I have blood on my hands”He defended himself on the matter. “I simply ask for the proportion and simply wish to be able to resume normal parliamentary activity.”.

sequel after announcement

“The Feminist Struggle Against the Wrong Target”

“If the feminist fight, which is a fair fight, which I personally believe in and still does today, is aimed at me, which is a very convenient target because I realized there was a mistake, then I think it is a targeted hoax.”preserved by Adrien Quatennens.

A hollow response to criticism from several figures in the feminist movement, including Dary Feminist founder Caroline de Haas who squashed the deputy’s first interview Tuesday in La Voix du Nord.

“I say, ‘I’m not your man. I’m not an aggressor. I’m not a violent man because I’m identified with a slap’, however knock. However, he said he was aware of this “Everything had to be redone.”in connection with it ” Private life “ like this ” Political life “.

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