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Heavy Band of the Year Lamb of God reaches new heights in 2022: Interview

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Our 2022 Annual Roundup continues with the announcement of Lamb of God as Heavy Band of the Year, along with a video interview with guitarist Mark Morton. As the year comes to a close, stay tuned for more awards, lists, and articles on the best music, movies, and TV shows of 2022. You can find it all in one place here.

Lamb of God was completely crushed in 2022. Metal veterans continued their climb to the top of the genre’s ranks with another stellar album, omen, and took their live show to new heights in a few memorable outings. They are resultHeavy Band of the Year for 2022.

With Slayer describing it as having its days in 2019, it can easily be said that Lamb of God has taken over the number one act when it comes to extreme metal. Whether or not the band agrees with that assessment, they certainly live up to the challenge of carrying that torch.


Engaging with Megadeth in the spring and headlining their own tour in the fall, Lamb of God took their live show to new heights. Set against a backdrop of glamor and loads of pyro, the band delivered one explosive show after another. At 51, singer Randy Blythe is leaping on stage as a front man half his age, as the rest of the group delivers the goods with precision and power.

As guitarist Mark Morton tells us in the video interview above, the band has made it a point to up their game when returning to the stage after stopping the pandemic. “When things started to open up again…we very purposefully and consciously focused on putting on the best show we could put on…we really prioritized the production side….we also enjoy playing together, and I think that really translates onstage.”

Morton also sang praises of Blythe as an attacking captain. “It was great to have front row seats to watch my friend Randy develop into one of the greatest luminaries in metal. I stand by that statement. Anyone who has seen Lamb of God knows how great Randy is on stage. He just leaves it all out there” .


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