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Darmanin attacks Quatennens for defamation, after accusations of a “political” coup

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Gerald Darmanin “I decided to sue for defamation” After the comments made by the LFI deputy, Adrian Koatenins, which suggest the involvement of the Ministry of the Interior in the downfall of the elected official, we learned on Tuesday evening December 13th from the delegation accompanying the Minister.

La France feminists faced the return of the Quatennens

In an interview with La Voix du Nord, Adrian Coatennes was sentenced, on Tuesday, to a four-month suspended prison sentence for “Hanf” On his wife, he believes he is the victim of a hit “Policy” Directed to “to beat her”.

sequel after announcement

Several identical sources told me that this was done in direct coordination with the Ministry of Interior. I am not in a position to confirm that myself today.”did he say.

“defamatory statements”

In the evening, the Minister of the Interior informed his entourage that he had done so “I have decided to file a complaint for defamation following Adrian Koutinenz’s defamatory remarks.”. Since then, in the paper version of Voix du Nord, which was broadcast on Wednesday, the sentence implicating the Ministry of the Interior has disappeared, but it still appears in the version that was posted online on Tuesday evening.

“The Minister of the Interior does not distribute such lapses of justice, which he does not have, to all the French newspapers.”Gerald Darmanin said Wednesday on France 2, making it clear that he will file a complaint ” today “. “If Mr. Quatennens has evidence, let him publish it.”he added.

The great embarrassment to “France” because of the Adrien Quatennens case

The “tied duck” had revealed in mid-September that the wife of the LFI deputy had raised a railing to the violence of her husband, with whom she is in the process of divorcing. Then the Mukhtar withdrew from his party.

Tuesday after his conviction, Adrian Kwattinens ruled out resigning as deputy, believing he was a victim “Extrajudicial execution”.

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