Home Politics Clementine Ottin and François Ruffin denounce the “retreatment” and “contraction” at the helm of the LFI Foundation

Clementine Ottin and François Ruffin denounce the “retreatment” and “contraction” at the helm of the LFI Foundation

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Representatives Clementine Auten and François Ruffin have been removed from the Chamber of Deputies “new format” From the movement led by Manuel Bompard, Sunday 11 December was criticized in a row ” pulling out “ and the “shrinkage” On top of LFI.

“Congratulations Caro! When the LFI thinks it is trapping the RN on unvaccinated caregivers

“Withdrawal and closure were brutally assumed.”In an interview with “Liberation”, the deputy Seine Saint-Denis denounced it, accusing the administration of having “It was chosen by co-operation, which favors the courtiers and helps silence criticism.”.

sequel after announcement

lament Marginalization of those who have a voice different from the current ruling core.she does not see “How can we support the Sixth Republic and undertake such a performance?”. “We must democratize the LFI: a power with a majority profession cannot be a monolithic bloc”MP adds.

Manuel Bompard was invited to France Inter, who will head the new format of LFI, and brushed aside criticism with the back of his hand. ” My problem today is not Clementine Autain or François Ruffin, my problem is Emmanuel Macron, my problem is the far right, and my problem is how to ensure that in this country of social and environmental suffering, we provide an answer scolded. ” My role is to guarantee our unity, and it is to guarantee the developmental work of our movement, and certainly not to arbitrate in 2022 who will be the next candidate for the 2027 presidential elections. “, he added.

On Facebook, under Clémentine Autain posting the front page of the journal, the official page of movement leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon commented: “Every front page to denigrate us.”

Knowing how to participate in a group effort

“I was not offered to be inside the administrationAs François Ruffin, the elected official of the Somme, explained on LCI on Sunday. I grieve more for them than for myself, because I think I have something to contribute. »

sequel after announcement

“I’m a little sad that instead of an expansion, we have a contraction.”repeat, saw it “The consensus of a small group agreed with itself”. Half of the team that stays in the dressing room […] I will discuss with my comradeshe added.

The lack of internal democracy threatens once again to plunge France into crisis as Manuel Bompard, a confidant of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, prepares to take over the leadership of a movement that does not have many of its personalities, including deputies Alexis Corbier. and Eric Cockerell.

François Ruffin: “I am a democratic socialist”

On his blog, Jean-Luc Mélenchon responded to this new organization on Sunday by “recommend agreement”. “In the face of increasing dangers and when we are well threatened from all sides, we must know how to engage in a collective effort.”he wrote.

“To discern oneself, one can also shine in action and speak out without feeling obligated to denigrate others or make life together impossible with journalistic confidence that makes group discussion and the places in which it is supposed to happen impractical. A trouble-free place.”Adds the former candidate for the Elysee Palace.

“It is impossible to say today who will be the best to wear our colors in 2027.”Clementine Otten also responded about the upcoming presidential election. And to add: “When the question comes up, if I think I should take responsibility, don’t worry, I’ll tell you.”.

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