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President Castillo has been sacked after he tried to dissolve Parliament… The story of the political crisis in Peru

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The political crisis in Peru intensified, a week after the dismissal of Pedro Castillo. And the new president, Dina Boulwart, who is facing a strong protest movement, tried to ease the pressure, by proposing on the night of Sunday, December 11, to Monday, December 12, to bring forward the date of the general elections scheduled for 2026 to April 2024, to no avail. The protests claimed five more lives on Monday, bringing the death toll to seven in two days.

• The President dissolves Parliament .. and dismisses it

It all starts on Wednesday, December 7th. While Parliament, where the right-wing opposition has the majority, has to discuss a third measure to impeach him after a few hours, left-wing President Pedro Castillo surprises everyone and plays his trump card.

sequel after announcement

In a message to the nation sent by the presidential palace and broadcast on television, the leader who came to power in July 2021 said, “Temporarily dissolve the Congress of the Republic and establish an extraordinary emergency government”Aims to “Restore the rule of law and democracy”. He also confirms that he would To call for a new conference to be convened as soon as possible with constituent powers to draft a new constitution within a period not exceeding nine months..

Vice President Dina Boulwart and other dignitaries denounced it “coup”. Washington is demanding that Mr. Castillo reconsider his decision. The Peruvian military, which has previously participated in coups d’état or supported authoritarian regimes, is not flinching.

Ignoring the declaration of its dissolution and the declaration of a state of emergency, Parliament meets and votes to dismiss Pedro Castillo in favor of the government “permanent moral deficiency” By 101 votes (out of 130 deputies, including 80 in the opposition), during a session broadcast live on television.

• Pedro Castillo captured, invested by Dina Polwart

After just seventeen months at the helm of the country, Pedro Castillo is now 53 “put under arrest”. The photos show the deposed head of state sitting on a chair, surrounded by prosecutors and police. According to the police, after the failure of his coup attempt, Pedro Castillo intended to turn to the Mexican embassy and ask for asylum, but he was arrested in advance. According to the Peruvian media, Pedro Castillo was taken by helicopter to a police special forces base in Lima. The prosecution also searched the presidential palace on Wednesday evening.

sequel after announcement

A judicial source told AFP afterwards that the investigation is in “insurgency” It is opened against the previous boss. In addition to the six other investigations that targeted him in cases of corruption or abuse of influence, in which members of his family and his political entourage were accused. The judge ordered a seven-day remand against Pedro Castillo.

In Peru, the lessons of the failed coup

The country wakes up on Thursday with its sixth president in less than six years. The day before, during an inauguration ceremony in front of Parliament, Dina Boulwart, Vice President until then, became the first woman to head Peru. Then confirmed that there is “It staged a coup attempt promoted by Pedro Castillo, and it did not find an echo in democratic institutions or in the streets.”.

“I suppose [le pouvoir] According to the Peruvian constitution, from this moment on “ and even “July 2026”When Pedro Castillo’s term would have ended, says the 60-year-old lawyer, who belongs to the same Marxist-inspired party (Free Peru) as her predecessor.

Dina Bouluart, the new President of Peru, on December 11, 2022, at the Presidential Palace in Lima. (LUIS IPARRAGUIRE / AFP)

• Seven dead in protests

Very quickly, protests multiplied across the country, particularly in the cities of the north and in the Andean regions where this former landmark in rural areas has the most support. Thousands gather in the streets of Cajamarca, Arequipa, Tacna, Andahuailes, Cusco and Puno, demanding the release of the former head of state as well as the dissolution of parliament, early elections and a new constitution. The protests have so far left seven people dead. Among those victims were three teenagers between the ages of 15 and 16.

sequel after announcement

Four people were killed, two in Chincheros and two in Andahuaylas, on Monday in Poluart’s hometown of Apurimac, where protesters died on Sunday. The other death occurred on Monday in the city of Arequipa (south), the second city in the country, when the police intervened to pursue hundreds of demonstrators from the airport who had set up barricades on the runway.

• Finally, Dina Boulwart presents the elections… without quenching the resentment

Under street pressure, Peru’s new president announced, in a televised message overnight from Sunday to Monday, that she would introduce a bill aimed at bringing forward the elections scheduled for 2026. “citizen’s will”Dina Polwart explains it I decided to take the initiative to come to an agreement […] to bring forward general elections to April 2024.”. A state of emergency was also declared in the areas most affected by the demonstrations.

But the announcement of early elections did not quell the discontent of the population: agricultural unions, peasant organizations and indigenous social organizations called for “unlimited strike” From this tuesday. Given the many calls for demonstrations, rail transport between Cusco and the Inca fortress of Machu Picchu, Peru’s tourism jewel, will be suspended on Tuesday.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said “Worried that the situation might get worse.” and call “All concerned to exercise self-restraint”. Left-wing governments in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Bolivia have lent their support to the ousted president, believing he has been the victim of a movement since his term began in 2021. ‘hostile and undemocratic’.

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