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Marine Tondelier (EELV) refuses to ally itself with LFI for Europeans

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The new chairman of the Greens Marine Tondelier on Tuesday 13 December has finally rejected LFI’s insistent proposal to form a joint list of the left-wing Nupes coalition for the 2024 European elections.

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“When it’s not like that, it’s not!”he answered dryly to France Inter, the one who was elected on Saturday at the head of the EELV, defending in particular the autonomy line in this election.

sequel after announcement

“We have to stop pushing, we said it, we said it again, we said it again, stop now! We discuss when they want a lot of things but for the Europeans it’s no, it’s the last time I say it, I think now it’s clear to everyone and we’ll be able to work”added the new national secretary who succeeded Julien Baio.

‘Potential alternative to the majority on the left’

On Monday, the new leader of the LFI Manuel Bompard relaunched this proposal again for a joint list.

“I want to convince that the Nubians are the hope of this country and it must continue. In order to go deeper, you must stand together in the next elections.”he had explained to France Inter’s deputy Bouches-du-Rhône.

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“The goal of the European elections is that it is not a duel between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, but rather to show that, on the contrary, there is a possible alternative to the majority on the left, and therefore the Nubians are at the head of the European elections and this is the goal I want to work on.”he insisted.

The new director of EELV Nupes does not refuse but wants to prioritize creating a file “Great Movement for Political Ecology”.

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